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Hidden Risks of Spray Foam Insulation

December 27, 2019


As a home insulating material, Spray Polyurethane Foam, aka SPF, has skyrocketed in popularity, but homeowners should know the hidden risks associated with its installation throughout a house.

As it’s sprayed onto an existing surface, the foam expands to create a seamless mass, which inhibits termite inspection. Termite infestation is a common problem with homes in Southern regions of the United States, and although SPF is not a food source for termites, it typically prevents proper visual inspection by pest-control professionals. SPF can provide termites cover from detection, allowing them to travel throughout the home causing destruction without exhibiting any visible evidence until it's too late. Before installing SPF in your home, first contact your exterminator, because SPF installation might void the termite warranty with your pest control service. This can have serious repercussions when selling your house. For example, in Georgia and Alabama, a home buyer is responsible for proviing a professionally administered Wood Infestation Report to the lending institution. If this report indicates large areas of the structure inaccessible and not properly inspected, it may cause concern for the lending agency, and the loan may not
be secured for the property.

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