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Titebond DuraMaster


The first elastomeric sealant with 100% joint movement.  This revolutionary multi-purpose sealant goes BEYOND stretch, as the FIRST Class 100/50 water-based, elastomeric sealant. Joint movement is measured by ASTM C920.  Most sealants merely offer 25% joint movement (Class 25.) DuraMaster offers 100% joint movement – Class 100! That’s 4 times better than any elastomeric on the market today; and that means 4 times more durability. 


The benefits don’t stop there!  DuraMaster has fantastic adhesion to virtually any building material: wood, concrete, metal, PVC, glass, stone, OSB, vinyl, masonry, aluminum and all types of siding. DuraMaster is a high-performance, versatile sealant; capable of spanning gaps up to 2” wide.  It stays flexible and is crack-proof.  DuraMaster is UV-resistant, paintable, VOC-compliant, and mold/mildew resistant.  It’s easy to tool easy to gun, and cleans up easily with water.  Pros say: “it’s so easy to use and doesn’t stick to my fingers” “finally found the sealant for crown-moulding that actually works!” “cuts my jobs in half – easy to tool and cleans up with water.”  DuraMaster comes with a removable nozzle, designed for Pro-use, and is available in 13 popular colors including white, clear, black, and gray.


Great for windows, doors, trim, and siding – interior & exterior – use it just about anywhere. 


Hands-down DuraMaster is the best sealant for your job – durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. 


DuraMaster meets or exceeds the following specifications: ASTM C920 100/50; ASTM C834 TYPE OP GRADE -18°C; AAMA 803.3; AAMA 808.3; LEED v4; FEDERAL SPECIFICATION TT-S-00230C.


DuraMaster is made in the USA by Titebond, a family-owned company based in Columbus, Ohio. Pros trusted Titebond products – for over 85 years. 


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