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Spring Landscape Projects

(guest post by Katie Jacobs)

There is no better time to spend outdoors than when the weather begins to warm up again and everything starts coming back to life. After a winter spent mostly indoors, everyone is ready to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Preparing your outdoor space for the spring season now will allow you to really make the most out of the precious spring months that we anticipate all winter long. Check out our list of projects that you can get working on now to make this the most enjoyable spring season yet.

1. DIY Patios

(Image courtesy of Pavestone)

A patio is a simple way to add a hardscape outdoor space that will get lots of use. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or a glass of wine in a peaceful outdoor space right outside your door. While more elaborate patios are best installed by professionals, simple options can be designed and installed by homeowners with a little research and creativity. DIY patios can be constructed using stones, bricks or concrete.

2. Outdoor Fireplaces or Fire Pits

(image courtesy of Rumblestone)

Even during spring and summer months, evenings can still get chilly. An outdoor fire is a great way to stay comfortable outside when the sun goes down. There are many beautiful ways to incorporate an outdoor fire to your property from simple fire pits that are easy to purchase and install to professionally designed and installed fireplaces that can be built to compliment the aesthetics of your home.

3. Swimming Pools

Warmer temperatures mean that it’s time for swimming, so now is a good time to think about adding an outdoor pool with some sort of deck for sunbathing and socializing. Many above-ground pools can be bought online for less than you might think.

There are more substantial above-ground pools that even have options for adding a deck. In-ground pools are much more of an investment but offer the opportunity to add decks with space for outdoor furniture and beautiful design options.

4. Hardscape Lighting

One of the most simple and impactful ways you can brighten up your outdoor space (literally!) is to add hardscape lighting. This is another option that can be done on either a DIY or professional basis. You would be shocked at how much something as simple as lighting can totally transform your property. On top of adding curb-appeal, deck and hardscape lighting also makes it so much easier to enjoy being outside on spring and summer nights. If you want to tackle an outdoor lighting project on your own, this page has some great tips that will help you make it happen. Click here for some ideas.

(image courtesy of Trex)

5. A Garden

Connect with nature by planning and planting a garden when the time is right so that by springtime you can enjoy seeing your plants and flowers grow. The great thing about a garden is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. A garden can be planted in a natural bed in your yard or you can build or purchase beds.

Just starting out as a gardener? Check out this site for tips on how to get started and to learn what will grow in your area: How to Start Your Own Garden.

Want to learn more about achieving a great lawn? Check out more Sod University tips here and subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

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