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Titebond DuraMaster Giveaway!

Using one of our DuraMaster “Test Tubes” to caulk the joints of board-and-batten trim.

For the past several months, the HIR staff has been quietly testing a new elastomeric caulk/sealant called DuraMaster from our friends at Titebond. The new formula has some welcome advantages over its competitors, beginning with its elasticity. The DuraMaster sealant offers 100% joint-movement capability. This means it will stretch and won’t crack or detach from the surrounding building materials.

Movement occurs with expansion and contraction of building materials due to temperature changes, settling, wind and seismic events, and this movement is why brittle caulks can crack and fail over time. Typical elastomeric sealants can handle movement of 25% of the original joint size and are rated Class 25 (the minimum rating for handling a moderate amount of movement). DuraMaster, however, has earned the highest ASTM C-920 rating for sealant performance, Class 100/50, affirming it can handle movement of 100% expansion and 50% contraction. The Class 100 rating is a testament to the sealant’s durability; according to Titebond, the new formula tested four times more durable than other water-based sealants. Plus, it will span even large gaps, up to two inches wide!

The new DuraMaster sealant can be used for interiors or exteriors. It’s water-based formulation is good news for anyone (such as myself) who can’t stand dealing with the sticky, goopy, difficult-to-tool, and nearly impossible-to-clean mess of silicone-based products. I’m happy to report that the new DuraMaster formula is simple to tool and cleans up easily with water (until the sealant dries). And unlike standard silicone, DuraMaster is a paintable caulk and is sold in 13 colors.

In the world of caulk/sealant products DuraMaster is a cut above the rest—but don’t take our word for it. We’re hosting a Titebond DuraMaster Giveaway, so you may soon be able to test it yourself. We’ll announce the winners on June 1, which is the official launch date of the new DuraMaster product line. To enter, simply follow Home Improvement and Repair magazine on social media and be entered to win any of the three following prizes!


Grand Prize – $100 Visa Gift Card, 2 cases of Titebond DuraMaster™ white, Titebond camo hat, Titebond Polo.


1st Place Prize – $50 Visa Gift Card, 1 case of Titebond DuraMaster white, Titebond camo hat


2nd Place prize – $25 Visa Gift Card, 1 case of Titebond DuraMaster white, Titebond camo hat

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— Matt Weber

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