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QUESTION:  Does the aluminum wiring in my house pose a fire hazard?


ANSWER:  If your house has aluminum wiring, it could pose a fire hazard, but the wiring itself isn’t the problem. Aluminum safely conducts electricity, but the connections can be a problem. The wires must be connected individually so they are not prone to corrosion. The only safe way to connect copper and aluminum is through a splice connector. An electrician can splice the connections by adding a short section of copper wire to the end of each aluminum wire.

By doing this, copper wire rather than aluminum will be connected to each switch, outlet or other device.



QUESTION:  What is the easiest way to hang a drying rack in a laundry room?


ANSWER:  There are many different designs of drying rack, but if you plan to "hang" one, it sounds like you're opting for a wall- or ceiling-mounted version. Much of your decision should be based on your room layout, i.e. if you're short on wall space, maybe a ceiling-mount model is the best solution. Some of these racks hang from wires and feature closet rods or clothespins. Some wire-mount hanging racks are held by pulleys and can be pulled up neatly out of the way. Also available are retractable clothes lines, fold-down wall racks, and "collapsible" racks that extend from the wall accordion-style. Make sure your ceiling or wall is capable of supporting the weight of a clothes rack full of wet laundry. For the most holding power, mount the rack into solid wall or ceiling framing.

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