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Home Improvement and Repairs magazine, the premiere new consumer publication from Pine Mountain Media Group LLC, showcases professional-grade projects for today's homeowners. We focus on the hottest remodeling trends and the latest residential technology. We bring our readers step-by-step "how to" stories, which cover the crucial on-the-job details that get glossed-over or omitted from Cable TV home shows. We'll be diving deep with remodeling jobs large and small, helping to parse which jobs make sense for a skilled DIY'er and when it's time to call a pro. And we cover the equipment and supplies a hands-on homeowner needs to accomplish all their goals. Furthermore, Home Improvement and Repairs embraces the many advantages of internet technology like no other construction publication. The digital version of our magazine, accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone platform, offers pop-up videos and direct product sales links for an engaging, cutting-edge reader experience.

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For editorial inquiries, contact

Matt Weber at or call (205) 516-7071


For advertising information, contact

Jeremy Hollingsworth at or call (205) 317-9877



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