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Product News from the HIR Mailbox 6/22/20

Milwaukee Tool’s new ShockWave Red Helix Titanium Drill Bits

Milwaukee Tool’s new ShockWave Red Helix Titanium Drill Bits are engineered for extreme durability and longer life in wood, plastic, and metal applications. The new bits provide up to 5X life versus black oxide drill bits. New to this next generation of Red Helix bits are two features: a Quad Edge Tip and Enhanced Tapered Web. The Quad Edge Tip delivers a longer life with a precision start and four cutting edges to stay sharper longer. The drill bits’ Enhanced Tapered Web acts as an internal backbone and strengthens the bit to reduce premature breakage. The Red Helix titanium bits are also designed with a Variable Helix, which includes an aggressive 35° helical angle that varies along the flute, ending at 15° to limit heat buildup for faster material removal.The new bits are ideal for use with both drills and impact drivers and will be available in sizes ranging from 1/16” to 1/2”, as well as in sets, at select distributors in July 2020. Visit

BigAssFans Unveils Haiku with UV Technology

Big Ass Fans has spent the past few months perfecting a combination of proven technologies with the power and efficiency of airflow to deliver unique systems capable of making the places we live, work, and play ready to return to safely. To kick off the new line of products, the "world’s most advanced ceiling fan," Haiku, is now the first with the proven germicidal power of short-wave ultraviolet light, featuring anti-pathogenic UV-C technology seamlessly integrated into Haiku’s form and function. It features virtually silent airflow and routine disinfection with programmable fan scheduling. Or, choose effortless control through mobile app or handheld remote. Visit

Sylvania Natural Series LED Lighting

Natural light delivers true colors and feelings of comfort and happiness for building occupants. Now, Sylvania Natural Series of LED lighting products with innovative TruWave Technology combines unique chip, phosphor and packaging technology to offer the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum, all while saving energy. As a result, these energy-saving LED products enhance color contrasts without saturation and deliver less intense blue light to reduce eye strain, improve readability, and support an improved sleep-wake cycle. They also deliver superior flicker performance, lower glare and excellent dimmability when applicable, which results in better visual comfort. Ideal for a wide variety of applications in home and business, Sylvania Natural Series products will begin launching in July. Visit

WORX 20V PowerShare 9 in. Cordless Fan

The Worx 20V PowerShare 9 in. Cordless Fan is cordless but also features an A/C power cord. This gives users the options to run the fan through an electrical outlet while charging the 20V Max lithium 2.0 Ah battery, or going entirely cordless. The two-speed fan operates at low (0-1500) and high (2500 rpm) speeds. Its air flow generates 310 and 450 cubic-feet-per-minute (cfm), which rivals some of the most powerful Worx leaf blowers. When cordless, at low speed, the fan runs up to six hours, and up to two hours at high speed on a single charge, using the Worx 20V battery. The fan is mounted to a tubular style base and provides 360º north/south rotation. Once positioned, locking knobs on either side of the base hold it in place. Set it on a shelf, workbench, table or freestanding on the floor to generate a refreshing breeze. The 8.5-lb. fan (with battery) can also be mounted to a wall. Visit

IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps for Welders

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. introduces Magnetic V-Pad Clamps for welders, a small, strong, and versatile magnetic clamp that offers quick setup and multiple holding positions on flat, angled, or round steel stock. The V-Pads' dual, pivoting, magnetic-heads can position and hold angles up to 180°. Each V-pad contains four, powerful magnets--two on its back, and one on each pivoting foot, giving the welder several options for holding configurations. Great for repetitive applications, they're easy to position and are available in two different sizes and holding strengths, sold in sets of two. Visit

Milwaukee Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades

Engineered with a hand-tensioned, hardened alloy steel body, the new Milwaukee metal-cutting blades are designed to deliver the highest quality cuts in the market, and do so without a lubricant. The new blades are equipped with carbide-tipped teeth with alternate top bevel grind to shear through metal, leaving burr-free and cool-to-touch cuts. The blades will be available in sizes ranging from 5-3/8” to 14” at select distributors in July 2020. Visit

Punch List Project Management App

The Punch List project management app helps contractors manage remodels with homeowners. Punch List simplifies client communications and helps pros get paid faster with quick and easy digital invoicing. Punch List streamlines what are usually tedious and time-consuming tasks, so contractors can focus on the work they were hired to do. For homeowners, Punch List offers a real-time view into the status of their home remodel.Traditionally, with no tools in place to facilitate communication with contractors, the remodeling process leaves homeowners feeling in the dark. With Punch List, once a contractor and a homeowner agree to work together on a remodel, the contractor uploads the details to the app for homeowner approval. As the contractor completes work, photos of progress are taken in real time and sent to the homeowner. Messaging is used for quick questions and consultations. When each significant milestone is complete, Punch List automatically generates invoices for homeowner approval. This pay-as-you-go model allows contractors to get paid faster while offering homeowners peace of mind that their remodel is going as planned. Visit

Six New Residential Carpet Designs from Tarkett

The six new carpet designs from Tarkett are made with 100-percent. solution-dyed fiber with built-in protection against spills, stains, soil and pets, and are protected by an industry-leading lifetime warranty. The new styles include Arabesque, inspired by the multi-directional lines and imprecise beauty of handwoven textiles. Atlas has a soft, tonal palette and relaxed, flowing lines. The classic waffle weave of Cambria provides warmth and comfort with a palette crafted from a single, neutral tone to create the perfect foundation for any room. The Park Collection offers the ultimate combination of comfort and durability, using Tarkett’s innovative 3-ply Primus PET-DuraSoft Fiber with three different cut-pile weights included across the Inman Park, Grant Park and Candler Park series. Visit

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