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Tile Trends for 2024

Thinking of tile for an interior remodel? For our latest "Soft Touch" column, HIR turns to the experts at the Floor & Decor design team, who have curated a list of the most popular flooring and tile trends that they expect to dominate the market this year. These trends include: "Quiet Luxury," "Heritage at Home," "Simply Natural," "Maximally Eclectic," and a "Nod to Neoclassical."

— Shanna Q

Quiet Luxury trend

Quiet Luxury—Quality style can whisper and speak volumes with intentional drama, infused hues, and large-scale looks. Dress up your rooms with large format tileswarm neutrals with different finishes, and punctuate your space with intentional color through natural stone and stone looking elements.

Heritage at Home—Don't be afraid to mix and match designs from different decades. Infuse Mid-century, baroque, and traditional elements to transform modern spaces. Create a storied look by mixing Mid-century tile with brass fixtures and traditional hardwood floors. Consider adding a tile rug to your bathroom with a mosaic inlay and accentuate areas with marble trim to try out the trend.

Simply Natural—Take cues from nature's color palette to create a soft, simple, and inviting space. Balance distressed wood planks with smooth stone finishes or pair stone tiles and mosaics within the same collection for an effortlessly cohesive scheme. Play around with an earthy palette with layers of warm neutrals grounded by sunset and mossy hues.

Maximally Eclectic—Sometimes more is more. Use patternscolors, and textures to enchant a space with whimsical elements to create a standout style. Add decadence with brass fixtures to tie elements together. Turn small spaces like laundry rooms and guest bathrooms into a household gem by combining complementary colors for an energized space.

Nod to Neoclassical trend

Nod to the Neoclassical—Luxury for less. Elevate common areas with imperial accents to add richness and timeless elegance. Elevate your flooring with a marble checkerboard pattern, incorporate mosaics with brass accents, or give subway tile a twist with a herringbone pattern installation or take it a step farther with marble.

Tiles and flooring options representing these trends and more are available at local Floor & Decor stores or online at

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