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The Werner Multi-Position Pro Ladder

By Matt Weber

The HIR staff had the opportunity to test a new 17-ft. Werner Multi-Position Pro, which functions as five ladders in one and can be configured into 24 positions.

With a telescoping design, the independently adjustable rails allow it to be used on uneven surfaces such as a staircase. As an extension ladder, it stretches to a 15-ft. working height. As a 90-degree ladder, it grants up-close access to walls and ceiling perimeters. As a stepladder, both sides can be climbed, so two people can use it at once. The ladder also separates into two small stepladders that can be used as scaffold bases—and do so without requiring special hinge accessories.

Additional features of the new Werner Multi-Position Pro include protected springs and hinges, as well as shatterproof J-locks that hold the rails in place. Werner’s rigid PowerLite Rails are easy to carry and set up, and the lighter weight is a welcome improvement to the multi-ladder design. Although multi-ladders offer great versatility, they have traditionally been heavy units to lug around a home or jobsite. The new Werner Multi-Position Pro weighs less than 32 lbs., so users can easily grab it and go, rather than cringe at the thought of hauling it around. Visit

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