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15 New Products for Home Improvement 9/22

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

From new power tools and car chargers to water systems and building supplies, HIR has got you covered.

Ridgid 18V SubCompact Brushless Line

The new generation of 18V SubCompact Brushless tools from Ridgid is equipped with the most advanced brushless motor technology.

· The new R87012K 18V SubCompact Brushless 1/2-in. Drill/Driver is 15 percent more compact and 25 percent lighter weight compared to the 18V Brushless R86114 1/2-in. Drill/Driver.

· The R872311K 18V SubCompact Brushless 4-Mode Impact Driver features three speeds and a self-tapping mode, and it’s 25 percent more compact and 30 percent lighter than its larger counterpart.

· The SubCompact Brushless 1/2-in. Hammer Drill/Driver delivers 500 in-lbs. of torque and is 25 percent lighter than Ridgid’s R86115 model.

The tools are compatible with all Ridgid 18V batteries, and the kits are eligible for the Industry’s Best Lifetime Service Agreement. Simply register within 90 days of purchase for free batteries, free parts, free service for life. Visit

FrogTape High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape

Known for its industry-leading painter’s tapes, FrogTape brand introduces High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape to its portfolio of paint solutions. Engineered to consistently adhere to difficult surfaces such as self-cleaning paints and rough textures, including stucco, brick and concrete, FrogTape High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape is ideal for outdoor projects that require a strong, conformable tape that offers clean removal without shredding. Not only does it stick to difficult, uneven substrates, but it also adheres well to painted wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Plus, its crepe paper backing allows it to conform easily to bends and turns, making a quick task of masking around exterior doorways and windows. This unique, time-saving flexibility makes High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape an ideal toolbox staple for painting contractors. Visit

Bosch Power Tools 12V and 18V Cordless Orbit Sanders

Bosch Power Tools introduced the new 12V and 18V cordless sanders, the GEX12V-5 Brushless 5-in. Random Orbit Sander and GEX18V-5 Brushless 5-in. Random Orbit Sander. Engineered to deliver one of the best user experiences on the market, the new sanders are designed for optimal balance and convenience, allowing users to tackle hard-to-reach work areas with power, control, and precision. In addition to the ergonomic palm-grip handle, each of the cordless sander models offer a compact body with close-to-the-workpiece design for control, an easy-to-reach on/off switch for intuitive operation, and a vibration-dampening element to help reduce user fatigue. The 5-in. 8-hole sanding pad is ideal for both flat and concave/convex surfaces, and the brushless motor delivers a high material removal rate for faster, more efficient sanding. The sanders also feature a speed selector, which enables maximum results for different materials and applications. Both models have the option of attaching a dust bag or vacuum hose for easy dust removal. Visit

Lectron EV Chargers at Home Depot

Lectron charging accessories for Electric Vehicles (EVs) are now available at Home Depot. Each option is made to provide a fast-charging, high-quality option for electric vehicles made more accessible than ever for the average consumer. The 240-Volt 40 Amp Level 2 EV Charger (MSRP $330) surpasses your standard factory-issued charger, cutting total charge time by 7.5 times. It features an LED display which notifies you of any charging faults, and an extra-long 18 feet cable to better ensure reachability. The J1772 charging protocol of the 110-Volt 16 Amp Level 1 EV Charger (MSRP $200) allows it to charge almost all electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It provides the users with shock protection and safety while charging in wet conditions. It is perfect for users that own more than one electric vehicle or buildings with docks for EV charging. Learn about all the Lectron EV charging options at

Americover Pro Crawl Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier

Americover’s new Pro Crawl Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier embedded with Mold Prevention Technology (MPT) is a high-performance vapor barrier that began with the Original Pro Crawl Barrier designed to reduce vapor transmission in the crawl space. Up to 70 percent of homes and buildings have mold, and it can be found almost anywhere. Over time, mold can cause serious health issues like asthma, acute bronchitis and allergic rhinitis, especially in children and those with health concerns. Americover’s Pro Crawl Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier passes ASTM G21 mold resistance standards to prevent the growth and spread of toxic mold and mildew. Mold Prevention Technology doesn’t expire, so the vapor barrier will continue protecting the crawl space years after installation. Americover’s 10 mil Pro Crawl Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier also passes ASTM 1745 Class A, B & C and is a Class I vapor retarder with a permeance rating of .022, which is reduces more vapor transmission than the leading competitor’s 10 mil vapor barrier. Visit

Ryobi 18V One+ SwiftClean Spot Cleaner

The new Ryobi SWIFTClean is ready for life’s everyday around-the-house spills and messes. This cordless spot cleaner delivers rapid stain removal with powerful suction for quick cleanups. The powered scrub brush agitates and lifts debris for effortless cleaning on upholstery, car seats, stairs, carpets and more. The included 6-oz. Ryobi OXY Cleaning Solution is a ready-to-use formula, which means there’s no diluting, no mixing, and no hassle involved. The cordless portability and lightweight design make it perfect for cleaning on the go. All clear components of the ONE+ SWIFTClean Spot Cleaner are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy tool maintenance and cleaning. Visit

Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit

For the avid woodworker, the Dust Deputy’s new, larger cyclone design is optimized for today’s larger wet/dry vacs to deliver up to twice the airflow of smaller cyclones and lid-style separators. It stops over 99 percent of fine dusts and bulk debris from clogging your vacuum’s filter, which eliminates suction loss while saving you time and money on expensive replacements. The kit upgrades any make or model shop vacuum with 2.5-in. hose fittings. The neutral-vane technology improves separation efficiency by 20 percent, and the collapse-proof 5-gal. bucket won’t fold under high vacuum pressures. It has a compact and stable footprint with four free-rotating mounted casters and includes a highly flexible, wire-reinforced, vacuum hose with swivel-cuffs. Visit

Harbor Freight Brushless, Cordless Hercules Tools

Harbor Freight Tools is expanding its popular professional-quality Hercules line with the introduction of two new brushless, cordless power tools; the 20V 1/2” Brushless High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench and 20V 1/2” Brushless Ultra Torque Cordless Impact Wrench. Both are backed by a five-year limited warranty and can be powered by any of the Hercules 20V batteries, including the all-new 8 and 12 Ah Extreme Performance Battery packs, which are backed by a three-year limited warranty. Both impact wrenches have a powerful three-speed motor with Auto Mode to provide more control, torque, runtime and durability than traditional brushed motors. The Bolt Removal Mode provides more control after bolt breakaway. The third speed delivers maximum speed and torque when working on tough jobs, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. The High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench delivers up to 1200 ft. lbs. of bolt breakaway torque and a maximum fastening torque of 700 lbs. at 30 seconds. The Ultra Torque Impact Wrench has 1400 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque and 900 ft. lbs. of maximum fastening torque at 30 seconds. Visit

Ladder-Lock Stabilizing Assembly for Extension Ladders

The Ladder-Lock is a ladder-conversion kit designed to increase the safety of its users by improving an extension ladder’s overall stability. Compatible with most 16- to 24-foot extension ladders with hollow rungs, its patented technology decreases the user’s chances of serious injury and even death. It features two adjustable legs that connect at the ladder midpoint and two adjustable arms that anchor to the ladder’s lowest rung, creating four points of contact that eliminates kicking out, sliding and tipping, and supports more weight than a ladder alone. Aluminum rods are inserted through the hollow rungs of both sets of legs and braces, generating an ultra-sturdy base capable of bearing loads over 450 lbs. The Ladder-Lock is currently available by special order at and retails for $399.

Milwaukee M12 Laser

The new Milwaukee M12 Green Cross Line & 4-Points Laser is engineered to offer users the brightest green beams, all-day runtime, and easier setup. When paired with an M12 RedLithium CP 3.0 Battery, users get at least nine hours of continuous runtime for ultimate productivity. The high-intensity green laser offers superior visibility for long-range applications up to 125 feet. The vertical and horizontal lines allow for easier alignment and leveling applications, while the plumb points help with floor-to-ceiling point transfer. The horizontal dots squaring points give users the option for quick and accurate squaring alignment. The M12 Laser is fitted with amplified rare earth magnets, providing a secure hold and ensuring it won’t slide on steel studs. It is impact-rated for drops up to one meter and the IP54 rating helps protect it from harsh jobsite conditions. Visit

Aquasential Smart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Water contamination can happen at any time and/or through a local municipality, an underground well, or a homeowner’s own pipes. Water treatment solutions, such as reverse osmosis systems and specialty filters, reduce specific impurities that may be found in your water. Look for options that offer multiple stages of filtration, like the Culligan Aquasential Smart Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System, which is marketed as the World’s Most Efficient RO Drinking Water System. With up to seven stages of filtration and 12 different filter options, it is certified to reduce 59 contaminants including lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and PFOA/PFOS plus 15 emerging contaminants that may be in your water. The Aquasential Smart RO is also being offered for $9.95 per month for the first three months through October 15, 2022. Visit

ThermaSol HydroVive 14

ThermaSol has introduced a new product to its family of steam and smart showering categories: a slightly smaller version of its HydroVive rainhead called "HydroVive 14.” HydroVive and the new HydroVive 14 both are designed to bring the multi-sensory powers of light, sound, and water under the user’s complete control. Like the 18-in. version, HydroVive 14 has a clean, integrated look, and when paired with ThermaSol’s Smart Shower Valve and ThermaTouch interface, anyone using the system can personalize every element of their shower. The HydroVive 14 delivers a gentle falling water sensation with 120 easy-clean neoprene jets, and the premium hi-fi sound settings include volume, treble, mid-range, and bass. Visit

Inspire Railing from Fortress Building Products

To provide DIY homeowners and residential contractors with an aluminum railing that is easy to order and install, Fortress Building Products’ Inspire Railing is offered in a ready-to-assemble kit for a straightforward, no-fuss installation. Inspire Railing features twist-and-lock balusters and pre-assembled stair panels. Pre-punched posts further support a quick install while guaranteeing consistency and quality along the perimeter of a deck. A durable, low-maintenance building material, aluminum won’t rot, warp, deteriorate or rust, which means Inspire Railing can resist the damaging effects of weathering. Offered in Black Sand and Brown, DIY homeowners and residential contractors can safely enclose a deck in a high-quality railing solution that melds style and function. The Fortress Lock powder-coated finish provides enhanced corrosion resistance and UV protection. Inspire Railing is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty for ultimate peace of mind. Visit

Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt Cordless Heat Gun

The Metabo HPT MultiVolt Heat Gun (RH18DAQ4) is packed with features, including an LCD backlit display that showcases selected temperature, fan setting and remaining battery charge. Temperature ranges from 86°F up to 1022°F and adjusts in 18°F increments for more control per the application. The gun is designed to be used hands-free by resting on its back with the heat port up, if needed. Three nozzles are included (round, curved, flat). The tool accepts both 18V and 18V/36V MultiVolt batteries from Metabo HPT (batteries and charger sold separately). Visit

WORX Nitro 20V 4-1/2-in. Power Share Brushless Circular Saw

The new WORX Nitro 20V 4-1/2-in. Circular Saw with high-efficiency brushless motor speeds up cross-cutting 2x4’s and ripping plywood. At 4.6 lbs. (with battery), this compact saw is designed for greater mobility without the bulk of a full-size 7-1/4 circular saw, plus it’s not dependent on an electrical outlet for power. In concert with the saw’s brushless motor, WORX engineered the saw’s circuity so its power under load increases up to 55 percent, based on material hardness it encounters. Power automatically increases when cutting hardwoods such as oak and maple, and readjusts when cutting softwoods like pine or wafer board. The saw’s circuitry technology is designed to conserve runtime while increasing battery life. It makes bevel cuts from 0 to 46º and maximum depth-of-cuts of 1-1/2 in. at 90º and 1-1/8 in. at 45º. The saw’s brushless motor drives the 4-1/2 in., 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade at 6900 (no load) rpm. With the proper blade, the saw will cut metal, tile, plasterboard, and plastics in addition to wood. Visit

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