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17 New Products for the Home Handyman

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Dust Deputy Low-Pro Lid Separator

Kick Dust to the Curb with the new Dust Deputy Low-Pro Lid Separator from Oneida Air. The HIR staff uses Oneida Air products to mitigate dust in our carpentry shop, and these systems are a great solution for either pro-grade or DIY work. The new Dust Deputy Low-Pro offers 50 airflow (CFM) than other lid style separators. Designed for wet/dry vacuums with 2.5-in. hoses, it attaches percent more to most standard 5-gallon. At 4 inches tall, the Dust Deputy Low-Pro is the most compact separator available from Oneida Air, allowing it to fit underneath a workbench and in other tight spaces. Uniquely designed to allow more CFM and debris to pass through unobstructed—two common limitationsof other lid-style separators—the Dust Deputy Low-Pro excels in its ability to collect a variety of materials, from wood dust to trash, and more. Like the original Dust Deputy cyclone, the new Dust Deputy Low-Pro pre-separates 99% of dust and debris before it reaches your vacuum’s filter, eliminating clogging and suction loss while extending the life of your filter. It’s made in the USA from clear, durable resin. Visit

Worx 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

The HIR staff has been testing out the new Worx 200psi Electric Pressure Washer and loving it. I’ve long been a gas-powered fan, but now that the low-maintenance electric models are rolling out with more muscle, I’m changing my tune. This Worx model has ample power, quiet motor operation, a trigger-style wand, three nozzles, a detergent tank, and a handy hose reel. It’s super easy to use: Attach the hose, turn on the water, plug in the machine, then get busy. No messy oil to deal with and no leaky fuel lines! If you aren’t washing parking lots for a living, then this may be the model for you. Learn more at

Stiletto TrimBone Hammer

Stiletto expands their lineup with the TrimBone Titanium Hammer, designed with specialized features for finish carpentry, including mallet caps, replaceable steel faces, and replaceable colored grips that provide a personalized touch for the user. The TrimBone is designed to hit like steel, built with all-titanium construction to minimize harmful recoil shock. The hammer weighs 45 percent less than a standard steel hammer and reduces harmful shock vibrations that cause injury over time. Equipped with a compact D-face, the hammer can fit in tight spaces, and the trim claw is best suited for pulling a wide range of nails and prying trim and molding. Located on the side of the hammer is a 180° nail puller ideal for easily pulling carpentry nail sizes from 2D to 16D (1-inch to 3-1/2 inch). Visit

Irrigreen Irrigation Technology

Whereas traditional sprinklers leave households wasting tens of thousands of gallons each year as water bills skyrocket, Irrigreen uses precise technology to digitally map out where water is needed. This new technology can reduce 50 percent water usage, benefitting the environment and saving consumers money. It creates an effortless digital ecosystem powered by weather data and controlled via a smartphone app. Visit

Easy-Slide with Large Flex

The 1791 EDC Easy-Slide with Large Flex is an everyday tool organizer designed with three main accessory sleeves to carry everyday items such as multitools, flashlights, pocket knives, pens, etc., and also includes an attached key ring for keys or carabiners. The Easy-Slide with Large Flex contains two belt loops and a reinforced rear loop for secure carry on the belt. It’s handcrafted with high-quality, durable materials using premium full-grain leather, made in the USA, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Find it at

SimpliFire Forum Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces continue to see a surge in use nationally given their ease of installation, aesthetic, affordability, energy efficiency and overall versatility. Heat & Glo expands its portfolio with its first-ever electric model designed exclusively for the outdoors. The SimpliFire Forum Outdoor Electric Fireplace can now be installed flush to any wall surface without the need for venting. The Forum is weather-proof and safe as a plug-in or hard-wired to a GFI outlet. Extend your fireplace enjoyment to the great outdoors by adding a hearth feature to a patio setting that’s as easy as installing a flat-screen TV. Visit

Sterling Ensemble Shower Base

Built of solid Vikrell for material strength and lasting beauty, the Sterling’s Ensemble Guard+ shower base is much faster and easier to install than a tile floor. Customize your look by pairing an Ensemble shower base with tile or an Ensemble complete wall set. Its smooth, shiny surface is easy to clean. The solid, durable Vikrell material offers complete bath and shower solutions created for trade professionals who demand fast, easy installation and rock-solid durability. Visit

Georgia Boots Durablend Sports Hikers

The HIR staff has been kicking around the new Durablend Sports Hikers from Georgia Boots on several different kinds of jobs over the last few weeks. The mid-ankle height makes them more maneuverable and less clunky than the steel-toe boots I’d been wearing. The shoes still offer heavy-duty protection, though, with a “Nano Comp” toe. These hikers are hardy and waterproof and comfortable to wear with the Durablend foam interior cushioning. The 5-inch ankle adds support and protection, and the Carbo-Tec rubber outsole is heat, chemical, abrasion, and slip-resistant. Not a fan of the red shoestrings? No prob—some black ones come in the box, but I’ve been too tuckered out after work to bother swapping them. Visit

Buyers Products 2-½” Towing Package

Buyers Products, a leading manufacturer in the work truck and trailer equipment industry, announces a new series of 2-½-inch towing accessories to accommodate growing demand with 2-½-inch hitches. The new line features a 2-½ inch bolt-on receiver tube, a stowable, adjustable tri-ball hitch for 2-½-inch hitch receivers, and a 2-½-inch to 2-inch receiver tube adapter. The new bolt-on receiver tube is rated for 20,000 pounds maximum gross trailer weight (GTW) and 2,000 pounds maximum vertical load, and easily bolts to any hitch plate with standard pintle hook bolt patterns. The stowable, adjustable tri-ball hitch makes for tool-and-hassle-free height adjustment and allows the user to select a 1 7/8-inch ball, 2-inch ball, or 2 5/16-inch ball rated at 6,000/10,000/15,000 pounds respectively. Visit

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Kinetic Log Splitter

Ryobi introduces the world's first cordless kinetic log splitter. The all-new 40V HP Brushless Kinetic Log Splitter delivers more power, runtime, durability, and speed utilizing powerful brushless motors, advanced electronics, and high-performance lithium technology. This all-new Kinetic Log Splitter outperforms gas and corded products with the convenience of cordless. Featuring 40V HP Technology, this all-new cordless log splitter delivers 12 tons of splitting force, providing more power than an 80cc gas log splitter and faster operation via its kinetic splitting feature compared to hydraulic log splitters. Best of all, being part of the 40V platform means no fumes, maintenance, noise, or hassle that users experience with gas units. The Log Splitter's kinetic design delivers an ultra-fast 2-second cycle time with 10X faster splitting. With the 40V 4Ah battery included in the kit, users can perform up to 150 splits per charge. Effortlessly split logs up to 20" in length and 10" wide. Transporting the Kinetic Log Splitter is made easy with robust 11-inch all-terrain wheels and comfortable hand grips. The heavy-duty steel frame and protected battery enclosure means it can be operated in any season. Visit

Trex Select T-Rail Composite Railing System

The Trex Select T-Rail composite railing system, featuring a popular T-shaped top rail, is designed to make the beauty and convenience of Trex’s high-performance composite and aluminum railing available to a wider audience with pricing that competes head-to-head with PVC vinyl railing. Engineered for ease, efficiency and economic value, Trex Select T-Rail features a classic T design on top with a choice of two infill options – square composite balusters in Classic White for a cohesive, coordinated look, or round aluminum balusters in Charcoal Black for a more modern contrast. Full-span top and bottom rails in Classic White are offered in 36- and 42-in. heights and 6- and 8-ft. lengths. The versatile design of Trex Select T-Rail adds a perfect frame to any deck and retains its clean look with minimal maintenance. Visit

Board & Batten Profile for Cedar Renditions Aluminum Siding

Westlake Royal Building Products announced the addition of a Board & Batten siding profile to its award-winning Cedar Renditions aluminum siding line. The Board & Batten siding has a unique woodgrain look that can be used as an accent to enhance any exterior facade. The profile can also complement the existing Cedar Renditions siding, together with the trim and accessories. Cedar Renditions provides exceptional curb appeal without the maintenance or flammability issues of wood, and is backed by a 25-year Prorated Limited Warranty. Visit

Bosch ProFactor 18V 8-1/4 In. Portable Table Saw

The Bosch GTS18V-08N cordless table saw combines the power of a workshop corded saw with easy mobility you can bring to the job site. The new saw delivers a powerful 5,500 rpm using BITURBO Brushless Technology, which is a high-performance motor and drive-train system designed to deliver power comparable to high-demand corded tools. It is part of the ProFactor System, which pairs the saw with a Bosch CORE18V ProFactor battery. Featuring an innovative rack-and-pinion fence design, the table saw provides easy micro adjustments for cutting accuracy. It allows for adjustment with a dial, without having to tap and knock the fence into place. The table offers 25-in. rip capacity to the right of the blade, and the 8-in. blade has the capacity to tackle 2x materials. The motor has restart protection, overload protection and soft-start technology. The saw has a lightweight, easy-to-carry, singlehanded design that makes it ideal for moving around. It also features on-tool storage of the rip fence, miter gauge, Smart Guard System and push stick. The table area and blade size is not meant for the larger jobs of a 10-in. contractor saw, but this cordless version has plenty of power. The HIR test model is currently set up with dado blades, and we’ve been using it to speed up production on some shelves that we’re building. Visit

Spazio Range Hood

Falmec, an elite Italian appliance manufacturer in the ventilation industry, introduces the Spazio range hood. The Spazio is suspended from the ceiling and designed with the purpose of making the most out of the unused area above the island. The 70-inch/180 cm structure features dynamic lighting that illuminates the whole entire length of the hood in addition to other unique elements. The primary function of the hood, namely extraction, is guaranteed using Falmec’s exclusive Circle.Tech technology, ensuring the outgoing air spreads evenly for effective filtering by the filters surrounding the motor. Spazio also boasts special Carbon.Zeo filters composed of natural materials such as activated carbon and zeolite, ideal for absorbing organic compounds and water vapor. Optional features are available with Spazio, including a spice shelf, tablet holder, and an elevated area perfect for keeping small herb plants out of the way but within arm's reach. Visit


FlexScreen is marketed as the world's first and only flexible window screens. As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, these screens feature a unique compressible design that makes installation effortless. Simply squeeze, slide into the spot, and let go. They’re custom-made to fit your windows, and no hardware is required for installation. The screens fit firmly into already existing screen tracks for an invisible appearance. The screens are compatible with casement, double-hung, single-hung, slider windows, and more. Choose from six different meshes. Visit

XtraBond Liquid Flashing

Premier Building Solutions now offers XtraBond 9714, a liquid-applied flashing membrane that can be used to create a continuous, smooth barrier to protect a building envelope against the elements. The seamless air and water barrier provides instant protection. Working with traditional flashing tape around complex window and door openings can be an overly complex task with endless cutting, folding and reconfiguring. These applications are where XtraBond 9714 is ideal. The product flows easily, taking the shape of the substrate, regardless of the complexity. XtraBond®9714 can be found listed in the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance’s(FGIA) latest document, AAMA714-22 Specification for Liquid Applied Flashing Used to Create a Water-Resistive Seal Around Exterior Wall Openings in Buildings. This new publication establishes minimum performance requirements for liquid applied flashing used to provide water-resistive seals around exterior wall openings in buildings. Visit

Engineered Performance Series (EPS) Whole House Fans

Solatube International Inc. launched of the Engineered Performance Series (EPS) Whole House Fans, which effortlessly pulls in refreshing, cool outside air through a home’s windows while simultaneously expelling hot, stagnant indoor air from the attic and vents. Unlike air-conditioning systems that simply recirculate air, this home ventilation solution replaces the air in the main living spaces and attic with fresh air. With a sleek and modern look achieved by eliminating visible grille fasteners, the EPS Whole House Fan seamlessly integrates with any home. Homeowners can enjoy whisper-quiet airflow due to the innovative HushMount 2 technology, along with an impressive reduction in temperatures of up to 30 degrees, leading to significantly cooler indoor environments and reduced air conditioning usage. Equipped with seven variable speed options, the Comfort Control Remote also allows homeowners an easy way to fine-tune their settings for personalized comfort. Four models are available that can be used alone or combined to cool any size house or number of zones. Visit

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