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20 Cool Products from National Hardware Show 2024

Updated: Apr 12

We went. We saw. We took some pictures.

Here is a rundown of cool stuff I found at the National Hardware Show 2024. Note that I covered NHS from the show floor for social media and up-to-the-minute viewing on people's phone screens, so you'll get a lot of vertical images in this article.

This cedar closet kit ships in a flat box ready for easy DIY assembly. Pick the closet kit that works best for you. Minimal tools required to put it together. This is from a small new company called Northern Kentucky Cedar LLC.

Smart idea: pivoting wheelbarrow handles! This innovation comes from Pivot-All Motion Tools.

The difference between Safe Step Stairs and other attic access stairs is in the ease of opening and closing along with the quick, safe and easy access to your attic space. The Safe Step Stair design is solid under your feet, uses no power and has no electrical parts prone to failure. The only true set of solid stringer stairs that retract to your ceiling.

Grabo makes suction-powered tools for lifting heavy building materials, and this technology works better than you’d ever think. The flexible edging around the interface conforms to the contours of the work surface to seal and maintain the powerful suction.

Pro Power Brush is designed to perform 20x times faster than the average paint brush. Connect easily to a standard professional paint pump to save time and stop spills. Fill cracks and eliminate buckets. Reduce downtime when painting.

The Mammotion line of robotic lawnmowers presents a smart solution that utilizes GPS technology to guide the mowers and eliminate the need for a perimeter wire on the lawn.

Something tells me that if you construct a granite bar or countertop gate from a standard hinge, your granite will soon be broken to pieces. The WeberKnapp company offers soft-close hardware with a spring-assist hinge to solve this problem.

The Yardlock provides two-way fence gate access and a combination lock on the outside for greater home security.

The new Spyder electric pressure washers from Powerplay Corp. have a cool modern design and an integrated hose reel. These units are a lot more compact and lightweight than your daddy’s pressure washer. Coming soon is the company’s hybrid pressure washer, which will be the first unit to offer a combination of AC and DC power to achieve 2,900 PSI. Model shown is the Spyder Hybrid.


Keep your outdoor power connections dry and secure with Twist and Seal protectors. My favorite would be the Maxx because it has hooks on both sides to ensure power cords don’t get pulled apart. The protectors come in a variety of sizes for different size cords, and all of them safely seal the connection from water.

For my fellow tool-hounds…Check out the Tite-Reach extension wrenches, granting your tools easier access in hard-to-reach areas


This looks fun for home cooking. Cuisinart Outdoors previewed their outdoor wok station (available in May). This portable propane-fired wok offers 50,000 BTUs of heat and a large stainless steel prep surface.


DCK has been manufacturing for American tool brands for decades and have now launched their own line. Their plan is to “disrupt” the American tool market by offering equal or better quality tools at a lower price point than the competitors.


The Tri-clone Trimmer Head from Amkor Trading Inc. attaches to an existing weed eater and allow it to cut grass, bushes, and trees up to 3 inches in diameter.


Senix has been manufacturing tools for other brands for a couple of decades, and now the company has launched its own line, powered by battery, gas, or AC. The cordless tools operate on three platforms; 20V, 40V and 60V. These tools are now the house brand of Richard Childress Racing, used in the pit area. Also coming soon… a hybrid gas/battery riding mower!


The SlammerTool is a manual jackhammer that operates on the principle of a slide hammer. I’m a big tool-hound and can see real benefits of this tool for earthwork, post-setting, etc.

GearHugger is a plant-based lubricant without a sacrifice in performance. Check out this demo reel, where the lubricant competes with WD40.

The Magic Carpet is a patent-pending kneeling and work pad that's made in the USA. It is made of a strong and durable textile that is flexible, soft and comfortable, highly absorbent, washable/reusable, and chemical resistant.

Onetime Lightweight Spackling from Red Devil is pre-mixed to spread easily for fast, pro-grade repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application. It fills dents, cracks, nail holes, and other small holes in interior and exterior surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, and stucco. It dries quickly, doesn't need sanding, and won't shrink, crack, or flake. It can be painted within minutes and cleans up easily with water.

East Oak makes all sorts of outdoor entertainment amenities, from patio heaters and fire pits to outdoor furniture. At NHS 2024 they showed off a new electric smoker with a handy visualization window.






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