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Inventor's Spotlight 2024

Updated: May 7

The 2024 National Hardware Show featured an Inventor’s Spotlight area, where up-and-coming tools and products were on display in various stages of marketability. Here is a handful of highlights that might turn heads at hardware stores in the years to come.



The Hydro-Tail is a retrofit water-hose fitting that can be installed to practically any power tool to mitigate airborne dust when cutting concrete and stone. This patent-pending device is a fast and affordable solution for reduction of airborne silica and dust particles for all tools in multiple lines of work. Visit


Marshall Level

The Marshall Level combines the functionality of both framing and smaller levels into one compact tool, eliminating the need to carry multiple cumbersome levels. Crafted with precision-engineered components, the Marshall Level ensures accurate measurements and alignments. The smaller level nests inside the larger level, and the larger level is extendable from each end. Visit



The method of putting on gloves traditionally involves using both hands, which can be cumbersome and hinder multi-tasking or responding to emergencies that demand quick glove application. System Quikdraw’s debut product, Gloveslinger, transforms this process into a swift entry single-handedly or with both hands simultaneously, enhancing safety and efficiency. Patent pending. Visit


Easy Strike

The Easy Strike is a multipurpose scraper designed to attached to any powered drill and provide a lightweight, high-impact tool for breaking ice sheets, removing floor tiles, edging lawns, and more. It can be equipped with replaceable tool ends for several different applications. Visit


Major Steelz Knee Pads

This three-layer padded knee pad features a long rigid cap for added protection and stability, a non-slip rubber cap to grip floors, and lightweight gel foam cushions that give support without the bulk of heavier knee pads. The locking plastic buckles prevent the knee pads from sliding around. The pads are adjustable with an elastic top strap and webbed bottom strap for a custom fit. Visit



The WallWeb is a new Australian-based device allowing an efficient way to fix broken plasterboard (AKA drywall), such as the common doorknob hole. A working prototype was produced and testing has shown the device to reduce time spent on a repair job by up to 80 percent while still maintaining a professional finish. The WallWeb also creates a back brace that will collapse upon a second impact, therefore preventing damage to the plasterboard at the rear. Visit


Easy Open

Tired of struggling to twist off stubborn caps? The Easy Open tool provides better leverage for painters to effortlessly open even the most tightly sealed paint buckets. No more straining your hands or risking spills due to loose caps. Visit .

Wall-Russ Wall-Patch Kit

The Wall-Russ Wall-Patch Kit is an inexpensive tool kit to patch anchor holes. The kit includes simple tools to prepare the hole for repair and affix the patch. The circular repair patches have a textured finish to blend with orange-peel and knockdown wall texture better than standard spackling. Visit  


The PushPilot is an innovative drill arbor for a hole saw that uses an internal chamber and a spring-loaded plunger to eject the wood core (AKA coupon) drilled from the hole saw. Trying to remove the coupon from a hole saw can be a slow and tedious chore, but this spring-loaded arbor removes it for you. Visit

180 Tape Holder

With the 180 Tape Holder you have a convenient place where to put your roll of tape.  The 180 Tape Holder has a comfortable, stretchable, and multi adjustment arm band.  The 180 Tape Holder will hold tape with a width of 0.75 in to 2 inches. Use it to hold painters tape or masking tape. Visit

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