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20 Hot Products in 2022

Nobody brings you news on home construction and remodeling products the way we do at 'Home Improvement & Repairs' magazine. Here is a roundup of hot items 2022 chosen by our editorial staff.

Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt 10” Single Bevel Miter Saw

Metabo HPT launched another first-of-its-kind cordless tool to the growing MultiVolt System- with the new 18V 10” Single Bevel Miter Saw (model C1810DFA). The new miter saw features cordless portability to work anywhere. The Xact Cut LED Shadow Line System makes it easy to see in any lighting condition for better cutting accuracy. The kit includes an 18V/36V high capacity 5.0Ah MultiVolt battery to perform longer, offering 180 2x4 cuts on a single charge. The saw has a 3,800-RPM max no-load speed and a wide range of miter and bevel cutting options. Visit

Bosch 18V Freak

The Bosch Freak is half impact driver, half impact wrench. This two-in-one 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. Bit/Socket Impact Driver (model GDX18V-1860C) offers a 1/4-in. quick-change hex shank for bits, and a 1/2-in. square drive for sockets. Bits can stay conveniently inserted when using deep sockets, and more torque is transferred directly through the 1/2-in. square drive anvil. There is no more torque loss through socket adapters or broken socket adapters. The powerful brushless motor produces up to 1,860 in.-lbs. of torque and 0-4,100 impacts per minute. In addition to three speed/torque settings, this impact driver also features special modes to prevent work-piece and fastener damage. The presets include modes for self-drilling metal screws and wood screws. In reverse, with bolt mode activated, the Auto Bolt Release stops rotation when there is no load on the tool to help prevent accidentally dropping bolts and nuts during removal. Visit

Dremel 8250 High-Speed Brushless Rotary Tool

Dremel released the 8250 High-Speed Brushless Rotary Tool to help with a variety of projects from home improvement to woodworking, to crafts and more. Dremel’s 8250 offers optimized performance and durability, using an advanced brushless motor and patented high-speed rotary tool technology. The rotary tool is made for heavy-duty applications including cutting rebar, steel, hardwood, as well as grinding metal, sanding wood, carving and more. The 8250 delivers 20 percent higher power versus the Dremel 4300 and 100-percent more runtime versus the Dremel 8220. A red warning LED notifies the user to guard against overload, excessive tool and battery temperatures. Visit

Ridgid Power Auger

A new line of Ridgid Outdoor Power is coming to The Homer Depot in January 2023, including the Ridgid 18V Brushless Auger. The kit includes dual 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion Batteries (and charger) to deliver powerful gas-like performance. Features include high and low speed and reverse operation for increased productivity and an anti-kickback system for better user control. Pair the auger with Ridgid MAX Output batteries for maximum power. Register the auger within 90 days of purchase to qualify for the Lifetime Service Agreement. Visit

LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier

For new home construction, LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier helps safeguard the house from water intrusion for a tighter building envelope. The system is APA Structural 1 Rated Sheathing and can be used for both wall and roof applications. It installs just like normal sheathing products. WeatherLogic is designed with an integrated water-resistive overlay which protects against water intrusion while still allowing moisture vapor to escape. When properly taped and flashed, the LP WeatherLogic system can contribute to a tighter building envelope while also eliminating the need for housewrap, which increases jobsite efficiency by eliminating the extra step of installing it. Backed by an industry-leading 30-year warranty, WeatherLogic is engineered to stand up to extreme conditions. Visit

SENCO Framing Nailers

SENCO launched its latest built-in-the-USA pneumatic framing nailer. The SENCO FN81T1 fires full round head nails and features more power, improved durability, and better ergonomics than comparable framing nailers. The FN81T1 follows the launch of the FN91T1, SENCO’s 34-degree framing nailer which was named Best Framing Nailer in the 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Awards. Both nailers are assembled at SENCO’s Cincinnati production facility. The new FN81T1 fires 20-degree, plastic-collated, full round-head nails. The previously launched FN91T1, fires 34-degree, paper tape-collated, offset round-head or clipped-head nails. The FN81T1 is exceptionally powerful, delivering 18 percent more driving force than comparable framing nailers. It is designed to consistently sink 2-in. to 3-1/2-in. framing nails in dense engineered lumber like LVL and OSB without slowing down. The nailer weighs in at 8.75 pounds and features a durable magnesium magazine and a body and belt hook made from heavy-duty aluminum. Visit

Owens Corning PINK Next Gen Fiberglas Insulation

Owens Corning PINK Next Gen Fiberglas Insulation was selected as a winner in Good Housekeeping’s 2022 Home Reno Awards in the Biggest Energy Savers category. The new insulation features Owen Corning’s advanced fiber technology to offer enhanced comfort, with superior performance and safe, proven ingredients. With excellent recovery out the package that fits snugly into the wall cavity, the insulation is easy handle, soft as cotton, and cuts cleanly with a single pass. PINK Next Gen Fiberglas makes it easier to manage budgets and timelines, enabling up to 23 percent faster installation compared to previous products. With a visibly superior surface and ability to completely fill the wall cavity, it also helps projects pass inspection. For homeowners, it offers greater comfort and safe ingredients with no need for fire retardants or formaldehyde. It is also UL GREENGUARD certified for low VOCs. Visit .

U2 Fasteners Re-Fine Screw

Designed for use in trim work and fine carpentry, the Re-Fine Screw from U2 Fasteners features a very small head that is difficult to notice and easy to conceal. The Tapper Point consists of the Cork Screw Start and Blade Cutting Thread for easy piercing and alleviating strain on the material. The Re-Fine Screw also includes a double twist at the head for drawing strength. It can be used for siding or any delicate project like crown molding, railings and PVC. It’s great for making small adjustments. Like all U2 Fasteners, the Re-Fine Screw features the Tight Star Recess system, which grasps the driver bit tightly so the screw can be installed with one hand. Visit

Worx Nitro 20V 1/2” Compact Drill-Driver

The new Worx Nitro 20V ½” Compact Drill-Driver has brushless motor and a 6-in. headstock that’s easy to squeeze into tight spaces. It delivers 500 in./lbs. of torque and features a new Worx battery. In fact, it comes with two, 20V 2.0Ah batteries that are compatible with up to 100 other Worx 20V, 40V and 80V DIY and lawn and garden tools and lifestyle products. At $119.99, it’s also makes for a nice holiday gift. Visit

Oneida Air Systems Supercell Turbo

Oneida Air Systems’ new Supercell Turbo boasts 30 percent more CFM (up to 536 CFM) than the classic Supercell, offering more airflow to your tools that require higher CFM and to more ports than ever before. The patented Supercell is the first and only dust collector on the market with high enough levels of static pressure and CFM to accommodate the widest range of woodworking tools, from handheld sanders, table saws, and miter saws, to jointers, planers, and even CNC routers— essentially every tool in the shop with 1-5-in. diameter dust ports. It’s high suction power moves dust-laden air at a relentless pace, overcoming resistance points (such as long hose or duct runs, 90-degree angles, and small diameter connections) that would choke traditional dust-collection systems. Like the classic version, the Supercell Turbo has a 97.8-in. static pressure rating—over 10 times higher suction power than standard dust collectors. The 230V unit ships with bare wiring and requires a 30 Amp circuit. Its onboard HEPA-grade filter media easily pulses clean. Made in the USA, the Supercell Turbo is available now at the introductory prices of $3399.00 MSRP (wall mount, 14-gallon), $3499.00 MSRP (wall mount, 30/55-gallon), and $3899 MSRP (mobile, 14-gallon). All Turbo models include a wireless remote, Dust Sentry bin fill level indicator, HEPA-grade filter media, bag retainer system, five liner bags, and 25 feet of 4-in. diameter vacuum-pressure rated hose. Visit

Inspire Railing

To provide DIY homeowners and residential contractors with an aluminum railing that is easy to order and install, Fortress Building Products’ Inspire Railing comes as a ready-to-assemble kit for a straightforward, no-fuss installation. Inspire Railing features twist-and-lock balusters and pre-assembled stair panels. Pre-punched posts further support a quick install while guaranteeing consistency and quality along the perimeter of a deck. A durable, low-maintenance building material, aluminum won’t rot, warp, deteriorate or rust, which means Inspire Railing can resist the damaging effects of weathering. Offered in Black Sand and Brown, DIY homeowners and residential contractors can safely enclose a deck in a high-quality railing solution that melds style and function. The Fortress Lock powder-coated finish provides enhanced corrosion resistance and UV protection. Inspire Railing is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty for ultimate peace of mind. Visit

FrogTape High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape

FrogTape brand introduces High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape engineered to consistently adhere to difficult surfaces such as self-cleaning paints and rough textures, including stucco, brick and concrete. It is ideal for outdoor projects that require a strong, conformable tape that offers clean removal without shredding. High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape offers very high adhesion for tough outdoor uses. Not only does it stick to difficult, uneven substrates, but it also adheres well to painted wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Plus, its crepe paper backing allows it to conform easily to bends and turns, making a quick task of masking around exterior doorways and windows. This unique, time-saving flexibility makes High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape an ideal toolbox staple for painting contractors. Note that High Bond Exterior Painter’s Tape is recommended for outdoor use only, and due to its very high adhesion, users should always test the tape on a surface before application. And while this tape will provide clean paint lines, it does not contain FrogTape’s PaintBlock Technology. Visit

Beach House Shake Composite Shingle

Consumers love the iconic look of cedar shingles. However, untreated cedar shingles discolor quickly with unsightly and uneven dark spots. To overcome discoloration, cedar shingles are commonly painted. While coatings offer protection, they cover up the natural cedar’s subtle nuances and beauty, resulting in monochromatic sidewalls. Additionally, natural cedar shingles are time-intensive to install, in limited supply, and require constant upkeep. As an alternative to cedar shingles, Tando Building Products offers Beach House Shake as “the authentic composite shingle.” The architecturally precise 5-in. shingle is made with composite technology recognized for providing realism, durability and longevity in exterior products such as decking, roofing, lap siding, and composite stone. Beach House Shake is available in four natural cedar shades. Visit


PanoLock is a one-of-a-kind, multi-point lock that works with off-the-shelf hardware to provide superior home security at an affordable price. The lock installs along the edge of the door with three locking points. It works with most handsets, whether knob, lever or thumb-press via an innovative plug-n-play latch and deadbolt adapters, which mate with multiple brands and styles. PanoLock is compatible brands include: Schlage, Kwikset, Gatehouse, Baldwin, Brinks, and Defiant.


What’s better than a building a deck with hidden fasteners? How about building a deck with hidden fasteners from a standing position? Target screws easily while standing and drive CAMO clips up to 5X faster with the CAMO ClipDRIVE. This contractor-grade tool is designed to give you the best experience fastening grooved decking. For exclusive use with CAMO Universal Deck Clips on leading brands of grooved decking, this labor- and time-saving tool attaches to your drill and features a height-adjustable handle. The weighted nose easily targets the screw head of the CAMO Clips to speed up decking installation. Visit

DeWalt DW735X 13'' 2-Speed Planer

This new DeWalt planer has become indispensable for the HIR crew. We use it to plane boards for all manner of wood projects, including table tops, window shutters, barn doors and more. With a powerful 15-amp, 20,000-rpm motor (10,000-rpm cutterhead speed) the DeWalt DW735X Planer can easily handle large cuts in wide material. The planer features a three-knife cutter designed to deliver 30% longer life and make blade changes faster and easier. The two-speed gear box allows users to change the feed speed to optimize cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI, for dimensioning boards or for smooth finishing. A fan-assisted chip-ejection system vacuums chips off of the cutter-head and exhausts them through an outlet port, which you can connect to a dust collector. Plus, the 19-3/4" cast aluminum base is twice as rigid as a standard 10" base and folding tables. The DeWalt DW735X includes infeed and outfeed tables and an extra set of knives. Highly recommended for woodworkers. Visit

DuraMaster Elastomeric Caulk/Sealant

DuraMaster sealant from Titebond offers 100-percent joint-movement capability, so it will flex and stretch and won’t crack or detach from the surrounding building materials. Movement occurs with expansion and contraction of building materials due to temperature changes, settling, wind and seismic events, and this movement is why brittle caulks can crack or fail over time. Typical elastomeric sealants can handle movement of 25 percent of the original joint size and are rated Class 25 (the minimum rating for handling a moderate amount of movement). DuraMaster, however, has earned the highest ASTM C-920 rating for sealant performance, Class 100/50, which means it can handle movement of 100 percent expansion and 50 percent contraction. The Class 100 rating is a testament to the sealant’s durability, because according to Titebond, the new formula tested four times more durable than other water-based sealants. Plus, it will span even large gaps, up to two inches wide. The DuraMaster sealant can be used for interiors or exteriors. Its water-based formulation cleans up easily with water (until the sealant dries). And unlike standard silicone, DuraMaster is a paintable caulk and is sold in 13 colors. Learn more at

WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy

WiseBond Deep Pour thick pouring epoxy is a premium-grade epoxy specially formulated for river table deep pours up to 2 in. deep in a single pour. This Deep Pour epoxy is a 2:1 mixing ratio and can be used indoors without ventilation or bulky respiration equipment. Each 1.5 gal kit includes 1 gal. of A-side resin and 1/2 gal. of B-side hardener. This epoxy is perfect for live-edge river tables, creative table making, wood slabs, woodworking, and object art-casting projects. It will easily pour up to 8 in. thick for object castings. WiseBond Deep Pour epoxy cures to a crystal clear, water-like appearance for an amazing clear cast. Powdered colorants, dyes, and alcohol inks can be mixed into the epoxy for amazing special effects adding vibrancy to any river table, encapsulated object, voids, turning projects, custom wood tables or art projects. Our Deep Pour thick pouring epoxy has been engineered to be low-odor, low heat, low viscosity, and zero VOC. It is designed for a slow, long cure time that prevents cracking with a slow exothermic reaction typically peeking around the 8-hour mark. Visit

FIXD Automotive Sensor

FIXD is an easy-to-use device with an app that actually tells you what's wrong with your car without having to go to a repair shop. You can even clear the car's alerts with it. Translate over 7000 error codes into plain English, taking the stress out of the check engine light. See how bad your car problem is (minor or major) so you know if it’s safe to keep driving. Get automatic updates when it’s time for routine maintenance based on your make, model & mileage. All of these features are included for FREE inside the FIXD app when you purchase a FIXD Sensor. There’s no limit to how many times you can use the sensor or how many vehicles you can connect to it. Compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Visit

Trex Transcend Lineage Decking

Trex Transcend Lineage is a new composite deck board that features “subtle, elegant graining that delivers an unmatched natural appearance.” Available in two new color options – Rainier, an airy mountain grey, and Biscayne, a light coastal brown – these new offerings are engineered with heat-mitigating technology in the shell to reflect the sun and keep boards cooler than other composite decking offerings of a similar color. Like all Trex decking, Lineage boards are made from recycled and reclaimed content and engineered with a proprietary, high-traffic formulation and ultra-durable integrated shell that resists stains, scratches and mold. They won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter, and upkeep is hassle-free. No sanding, staining or painting is ever needed, and spills wash off easily with just soap and water. Visit

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