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Award-Winning Products of 2023 International Builders’ Show

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) named the winners in its 10th annual Best of IBS™ Awards during the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Las Vegas. The awards were presented during a ceremony on the final day of the show.

This year’s Best of IBS Awards received more than 400 entries. Decided by a panel of 26 independent judges made up of industry and media representatives, the awards were given in nine categories, plus the overall Best in Show winner.

Awards were given to exhibitors with a product or line that shows the best combination of design, functionality and innovation, as well as its usefulness to consumers and/or home builders.

The winners are:

Best in Show: Door Stud by Door Stud LLC. The Door Stud cuts typical installation labor time in half. It has a steel constructed design with a single action clamp and soft-grip handles. This durable tool simplifies the install of 1-3/4-in. and 2-3/4- in. pre-hung or slab doors. With the Door Stud, the installer handles a door once. The Door Stud is vertically adjustable; holding the door upright and leveling the door in three directions for preparation of installation. It enables the installer to conduct a single-person, hands-free installation by mobilizing the door and preventing it from resting against the interior walls of the home.

Best Energy Efficient Product: SPAN Drive by SPAN. Marketed as a smarter, faster charging solution, the SPAN Drive is a high-powered Level 2 electric vehicle charger, delivering 11.4 kW, or up to 41 miles of range per hour of charging.

Best Home Software Product: BILT by BILT Inc. BILT is a 3D app that is free to use. Thousands of official ad-free instructions with 3D interactivity are paid for by the brands. There are also tool tutorials and DIY projects so simple even a novice can be successful. The app also does highly complex training for the US military. Download the mobile app on iOS or Android.

Best Home Technology Product: GE Profile UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Pump Technology. Combining the power of clean and dry for an ultimate one-and-done solution, the new product eliminates the laundry day hassle of waiting around to transfer a load. The UltraFast Combo combines two jobs into one, allowing owners to do their laundry from start to finish when they are away from home or enjoying other activities. Instead of letting laundry linger between cycles, the washer automatically cycles to dry, taking the load off the owner and reducing time spent in the laundry room.

Best Indoor Product: Overture Automated Indoor Air Quality System by Broan-NuTone. The first fully-automated fresh air system uses sophisticated sensor technology to monitor your home's indoor air quality.

Best Kitchen & Bath Product: BlueStar Dual Fuel Range by BlueStar. BlueStar’s first-ever dual fuel range features a fresh take on our 8-point star shaped burners plus precision electric oven for the best of both worlds. The new X8 burner delivers full-spectrum power, performance, and versatility from every burner on the cooktop.

Best Outdoor Product: HydAway Hydraulic Walls by HydAway Hydraulic Walls. These unique, patented HydAway doors and walls are built with their hydraulic systems fully concealed when closed for the cleanest profile of any door or window on the market.

Most Innovative Building Materials: Elevation Cable Rail by Barrette Outdoor Living. The system installs 38% faster than the competition and features the patent-pending OneTen™ built-in centralized tensioning control system. No special tools or fasteners needed. Available in pre-assembled kits with pre-installed brackets and pre-strung stainless-steel cables. It features a modern, industrial design with continuous top rail for both level and stair applications.

Most Innovative Construction Tool: Mobile Carpenter Workshop Trailer by On-Site Building Solutions LLC. The CT1 Carpenter Workshop Trailer is fully self-contained, with two power sources and can be housed in a residential garage or fits easily in a parking space. It features a state-of-the-art vacuum system with onboard dust collection. No more airborne particles for a safer work environment.

“As a builder and consumer, I was very impressed to see all the wonderful products that our industry produces,” said Kim Chambers with Charter Constructions Inc. and Best of IBS Awards judge.

“The greatest thing about the Best of IBS Awards is the wide range of products representing all aspects of the home building industry,” said Dusty Johnson with Liberty Homes Inc. and Best of IBS Awards judge.

“As a judge, it could not be more exciting to see the new and innovative products brought forth at this year’s show,” said Dan Mitchell with Eagle CDI and Best of IBS Awards judge.

The panel of judges noted that the Best in Show winner, Door Stud by Door Stud LLC., integrates seamlessly with all door applications, interior or exterior doors, commercial or multifamily properties and national or international construction. The simplicity, cost, durability and ease of use of the product also impressed the judges.

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