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Black Friday Tool Deals 2023!

Ready to shop? Here are some sweet tool deals for the handyperson in your home.

Worx Tools

Friday, November 24, WORX BlackFriday sale kicks off at 9 am through 4 p.m. (EST) with a 25 percent discount site-wide. From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. (EST), it’s 20 percent off and from 9 p.m. to midnight, there’s 15 percent savings.

The versatile WORX Nitro 20V Brushless Switchdriver 2.0 (WX177L) has two revolving 1/4-in. chucks making it the ideal cordless drill for drilling holes and driving screws. Plus, it features a digital interface, greater torque and a high-efficiency brushless motor. Drill a pilot hole, press a button and rotate to the other chuck to drive a screw. Switchdriver 2.0 speeds the process by eliminating add-on accessories and downtime.

The WORX 4V 3-Speed Screwdriver (WX240L) won’t break the budget. This tool manages small DIY installation jobs and weighs only 1.5 lbs. The powered screwdriver fits conveniently in a pocket, purse, glove box or kitchen drawer. The screwdriver has three pushbutton torque settings, allowing the user to easily handle delicate jobs without stripping screws. A progressive light display indicates the torque level to which the screwdriver is set.

Tired of mowing the lawn? Consider choosing a WORX Landroid robotic mower. Choose the mower based on lot size. Landroid S (WR165) covers areas up to 1/8 acre; Landroid M (WR147) is for lots up to ¼ acre and Landroid L (WR155) handles areas up to ½ acre. There are also a number of Landroid mower accessories to enhance the robotic mowers from Find My Landroid GPS locator and an anti-theft device to Radio Link, which expands signal strength and Landroid Garage Protection and more.

Werner NXT Fiberglass Step Ladder

National retailers, including The Home Depot and Lowe’s, are offering the latest Werner Ladder innovations at a 40 – 50 percent discount. The NXT Fiberglass 6 ft Step Ladder, winner of the OH&S new product of the year award, features the new visibly distinct color cues for duty ratings, iconographic symbols and interactive safety labels. This make it easier to choose the right ladder and easily review labels before climbing. The NXT1A06 Fiberglass 6ft Step Ladder features a LOCKTOP for maximum storage capacity for the most frequently used tools.

Bosch Power Tools

Bosch offers a wide range of new cordless and corded tools on sale for Black Friday. For details on specific retailer availability, head to the Bosch webpage for each tool to see where products are available nearest to you.

Power Tools

Measuring Tools

Oneida Air Systems

Got wood dust? Oneida Air Systems has a sale on dust-collection systems for the pro carpenter or woodworker.

Harbor Freight Tools

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