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DCK KRH20V-26 Cordless Rotary Hammer Review

Updated: Jun 24

DCK Tools has been manufacturing power tools for decades. Already the leading power tool brand in the Asian market, the company has now launched their own line in the U.S., and they’re bringing serious competition. The DCK plan is to “disrupt” the American tool market by offering equal or better-quality tools at a lower price point than the competitors.

The HIR staff got the opportunity to test the new DCK KRH20V-26 cordless rotary hammer, and it is built to deliver. With heavy-duty construction in a compact, lightweight package (7 lbs.), it has a maintenance-free DC brushless motor powered by a 20V 8Ah li-ion battery. It makes quick work of tough jobs, like drilling through concrete slabs or block walls. The DVR Handle Shock Absorption System is designed for comfortable use when working for long hours, and the double anti-twist safety features a mechanical clutch and electronic anti-twist hand protection to ensure operator safety.

The KRH20V-26 comes standard with an SDS-Plus quick-change chuck and a KDE20V-16 cordless dust extractor, which is equipped with a HEPA filter. This high-quality rotary hammer includes a depth gauge and all the essential accessories, including a carrying case. All DCK power tools are covered by a 3-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Fine more info at 

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Olivier Cruise
Olivier Cruise
04 jul

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