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Delta HydroRain H2Okinetic Two-in-One Shower Head

Judging from the many shower designs on display at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the popular dual showerhead design is here to stay. Now, Delta offers an easy way for homeowners to upgrade their existing shower to the dual-head style without altering the plumbing behind the wall.

The Delta HydroRain H2Okinetic Two-in-One Shower Head with Hand Shower simply threads onto your shower arm like a standard head. The power of the rain-can and hand shower spreads the spray distribution for a more immersive, “spa-like” feel, which more and more homeowners have come to request. The integrated hand shower stays put every time thanks to magnetic docking. The rain-can tilts to direct flow, while the adjustable hand shower has variable settings to feel like more water, warmth and intensity without using more water.

We added this to one of the family bathrooms, and installation couldn’t be simpler. — Matt Weber

DIY Tip: Use thread-seal tape at all threaded plumbing connections. Wrap the tape in the same direction you’ll be screwing the fixture on, so the fixture won’t unwrap the tape when you connect it.

The Delta HydroRain H2Okinetic shower head simply screws onto the shower arm. Use a wrench to tighten the coupling.

Delta offers a fixed dual head, but we prefer the hose extension because it helps when bathing our young kids.

Connect the hand shower with another threaded connection, and you’re ready to shower.

The dual directional flow spreads the water distribution for a more immersive feel.

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