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Epoxy Made for Americans, by Americans!

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WiseBond® Epoxy Systems is America’s #1 Deep Pour Casting Resin and Table Top Epoxy made right here in the USA! One of the key benefits of our epoxy products is their ability to create crystal-clear, bubble-free finishes. They are specially formulated to self-level, eliminating imperfections that can form during the cure process. This results in a smooth, glass-like finish that showcases the details of your project flawlessly!

All of our epoxy lines come clear as water for clear epoxy projects or can be tinted with any of our colorants for effects that will blow your mind! Whether your project is a live-edge river table, an object or memorabilia casting, a bar top, countertop, or even make drink tumblers and jewelry—we’ve got you covered!

In the need for a thick-casting, deep-pour epoxy? Try WiseBond® Deep Pour epoxy for its versatility and durability for your 2-inch-thick river table or up to 8-inch-thick object casting. River tables can easily be poured with just ONE single pour up to 2¨ deep of clear or tinted liquid epoxy resin; and if the epoxy cure is managed well, even THICKER up to 3 and even 4-inch depths! WiseBond® Deep Pour can be used in a wide variety of epoxy applications, from creating striking resin art pieces to building sturdy furniture and wicked bar tops! What’s even more awesome is that you will never need to pour multiple layers of epoxy to reach your required depth.

If you’re in need of a thin epoxy for coating, check out our WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy which is a super wet gloss epoxy for countertops, tables and bars. This table-top epoxy is self-leveling with an extreme high gloss finish that is UV stable for surface flood coatings.

Our thin pour epoxy produces a rich super gloss look and is typically used for a 1/8 in. thick finish coat even for jewelry and drink tumbler cups. It delivers a flood coat ideal for applications requiring a high level of see-through transparency and high gloss. It can also be tinted with mica powders, dyes, and alcohol pigments for stunning faux marble and artistic finishes.

Stop by the WiseBond® website and GETCHA some!

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