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Father's Day Gift Ideas

How the heck is Dad supposed to fix all the things that need fixing if he doesn't have the right tools? This year, you should get him geared up with some of these great gift ideas for home improvement and repairs.

Worx Nitro 40V 16” Chainsaw

The new Worx Nitro 40V, 16-in. Chainsaw harnesses the power and run-time of dual 20V, 4.0Ah Power Share PRO batteries, plus a high-efficiency, maintenance-free brushless motor. It’s the fastest-cutting cordless chainsaw Worx has offered to date. The Nitro chainsaw provides gas-like performance to cut timbers up to 30-in. diameter. Its 16-in. bar has a reduced-kickback chain with a 3/8-in. pitch and a high-speed cut rate of 59 ft./sec. The included Power Share PRO intelligent batteries feature cell-cooling technology that enhances tool performance and extends run-times. Power Share PRO batteries are compatible with all WORX 20V and 40V products. Remaining battery runtime can be checked with the onboard battery indicator. The chainsaw is covered by five-year limited warranty and comes with a 4-amp, dual-port charger that brings both batteries to a full charge in 2 hours. Visit

AccuMASTER Digital Level

The AccuMASTER Digital Level takes measurements with both the LED display and a bubble vial to achieve an accuracy of ±0.2°, so you can work with more confidence than with a standard bubble level. The AccuMASTER finds plumb, level and every angle in between. It has a sturdy milled aluminum frame and provides accurate measurements in any weather, from 14° F - 122° F (-10° - 50° C). The LED display shows the angle of the surface with an arrow indicating if the surface should move "up" or "down". A beep sounds at 0° and 90° if the sound function is turned on. The LCD display also inverts when using the level upside down for easy reading, and a Hold button locks the display so you can move the unit for easier reading. Magnets in the bottom rail enable steady measuring on metal pipes and conduit. Visit

Ridgid 18V Brushless 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

The latest Ridgid 18V Brad Nailer (R09891B) is more compact and lighter weight compared to the previous model (R09890B), which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. Featuring Clean Drive Technology, the new nailer boasts 17 times more consecutive drives to increase accuracy and precision on the job. This model has a small nose for better visibility and drives flush at all angles with no driver-blade slip. Paired with any Ridgid 18V battery, it delivers the power of a pneumatic nailer in a cordless tool. Requiring no compressor, hose, or gas cartridge, this 18V Brad Nailer enables faster setup and easier maneuvering on the job site. Designed with a powerful brushless motor, it easily drives 18-gauge nails from 5/8 to 2-1/8 in. and features dry-fire lockout to extend motor life and prevent misfires. Drive up to 3,500 nails per charge with an 18V 6.0Ah battery. The transparent magazine comes in handy on the job to monitor your nail supply, and the tool-free jam release allows you to get back to work faster. With product registration, this tool is eligible for the industry-eading Lifetime Service Agreement, providing free seals, free pistons, and free driver blades—for life. Visit

Wilton Multipurpose Bench Vise

The new Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vises are available in 4-1/2-, 5-1/2-, and 6-1/2-in. jaw widths, all anchored by 60,000-psi ductile iron bases. By comparison, most multi-purpose vise bases are constructed using 30,000-psi gray cast iron, which bears half the stress, making them more susceptible to cracking or breaking under load. The redesigned Multi-Purpose Bench Vises feature the same industrial styling of the Wilton Bullet Vise. Solidly built, these vises are structurally sound with features such as factory-lubricated, enclosed spindles with lifetime lubrication for trouble-free service; precision machined jaws that consistently provide smooth operation; 360º swivel bases, and a swiveling head indexed in 30º increments for clamping materials at virtually any angle. The multi-purpose vise provides the option of using the pipe or V-jaws. Replaceable horizontal pipe jaws accommodate pipe from 1/4 to 3 inches in diameter. The V-jaw option holds pipe and other round stock vertically. The vises also feature anvils with a large surface area for striking and shaping materials—and everything is backed by the Wilton Lifetime Warranty. Visit

Jorgensen E-Z HOLD Expandable Bar Clamp

The Jorgensen E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp is perfect for the woodworker. Let Dad get around to assembling his very own workbench or backyard lounger with the E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp, which helps with rapid and easy clamping. With a contoured comfort grip and quick-release lever, it’s never been simpler to get a firm hold on a project. “Look, Ma! One hand!” Unique Jorgensen E‑Z HOLD bar clamps allow for rapid and easy clamping and can easily be converted to spreader clamps. The contoured comfort grip and quick‑release lever make it simple to get a firm grasp, and our exclusive patented feature lets you join two clamps together to create a clamp with more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. Deep‑reach pads help protect your work. Available in light-duty and medium-duty models. Visit

Ryobi ONE+ Power Source

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ Power Source provides convenient, on-the-go power with 150-watts of continuous output. This Power Source is designed for powering laptops, tablets, cell phones, fans and other small electronics. The compact and lightweight design is compatible with all Ryobi 18V ONE+ batteries, and the Power Source also acts as a charger, allowing you to recharge your ONE+ batteries through the USB-C port. Equipped with (1) 120-Volt outlet, (2) Fast Charging USB-A outlets and (1) Fast Charging USB-C outlet, your compatible small devices will charge as fast as possible, up to 30 watts. This kit includes the new USB Fast Charging Wall Adaptor & USB charging cable, making your options of where and how to charge your batteries more versatile than ever. This Power Source kit also comes with a 2.0 Ah battery that is compatible with over 225 Ryobi 18V ONE+ products, and it’s all backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty. Visit

Bosch Profactor Cordless Impact Wrenches

A cordless impact wrench is a handy tool for everything from tightening automotive lug nuts to driving lag bolts. The new Bosch Cordless Impact Wrenches feature BITURBO Brushless technology, a high-performance motor and drive-train system engineered to take full advantage of the Bosch CORE18V batteries. The GDS18V-740 model delivers up to 740 ft.-lbs. of fastening torque and 1,180 ft.-lbs. of max breakaway torque, plus a 1/2-in. friction ring allows for fast socket changes. The GDS18V-770 model delivers up to 770 ft.-lbs. of fastening torque and 1,250 ft.-lbs. of max breakaway torque, and it features a 3/4-in. friction ring and thru hole that allows for fast socket changes and a more secure fit. Visit

The Scrigit Scraper

A handy tool with a hundred uses, the Scrigit Scraper is a pen-shaped, non-scratch cleaning tool that provides a quick and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces, edges and grooves. The Scrigit Scraper can be used instead of fingernails and metal tools to quickly clean off small areas of unwanted substances, such as grime, caulk, putty, candle wax, latex paint splatters, dried food, adhesive stickers, labels and tape. The tool is two scrapers in one. A rounded tip simulates the effective scraping shape of a fingernail and is great for scraping off small spots, cleaning curved surfaces, and removing adhesive labels, stickers and tape. The flat-edged tip is best for getting into tight spaces and cleaning off unwanted materials from flat surfaces, edges, corners and door tracks. Made in the USA of a durable plastic resin that easily washes clean and won’t conduct electricity, the Scrigit Scraper is available in 2-packs and 5-packs. Visit

Keeper Combat Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The Keeper Combat Ratchet Tie Downs are now available at The Home Depot. Performance-engineered to meet extreme day-to-day demands, Keeper Combat Ratchet Straps feature a stealthy and strong steel ratchet with "No Slip Grip" handles and vinyl-coated S-hooks to prevent scratching and marring. Leading the family of products is the 16-ft. Combat Ratchet Tie Down, which has durable 1.25-inch webbing to absorb shock and resist cut, rot and abrasion with a half-ton working limit. Keeper’s patent-pending webbing design adds 67 percent more abrasion-resistance and 30 percent more cut-resistance than regular webbing, which enables the tie downs to hold up and stay stronger for rugged outdoor use. With a 1,000-lb. load limit, each strap also features a sewn-in, soft tie to lock down lighter loads. Visit

Benchtop Dust Collector

For the woodworking dad, the new BenchTop DC from Oneida Air Systems delivers powerful, portable dust collection right at the Workbench. Its unique design allows the BenchTop DC to fit conveniently on a workbench behind the working area, where it moves airborne dust away from the source (and the user’s breathing zone) and into the unit’s highly efficient dual-filter system. This portable unit delivers powerful source collection for hand tools lacking built-in or adequately sized dust ports, and for any activity that puts users in close proximity to dust generation. Featuring six high-performance fan motors for a quiet and uniform airflow and increased static pressure, the industrial-grade BenchTop DC delivers up to 535 CFM—ideal for capturing airborne dust at the source. The powder-coated steel frame is built-to-last, and its dual-filter system features a washable MERV 5 pre-filter, which captures larger particles to extend the longevity of the wide-pleated, high-performance MERV 15 main filter, which captures 85-95 percent of the most dangerous dust particles (0.3 to 1 microns). A variable speed control allows the user to adjust the fan speed to meet their individual needs. Visit

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Plunge Router

Metabo HPT launched the industry-first MultiVolt Cordless Plunge Router that offers complete freedom to tackle woodworking jobs on the go. This 36V 1/2” Plunge Router (model M3612DA) accepts any MultiVolt battery for extreme power and runtime and accepts the unique AC Adapter (model ET36A) to plug in for all day runtime, offering ultimate versatility and extending battery life. It’s backed by Metabo HPT’s Lifetime Lithium-Ion tool body warranty and two-year lithium-ion battery warranty for peace of mind. No longer must you be tethered to a workstation; just slide on the MultiVolt battery and get going. When you need to get the job done quickly this 2 peak HP brushless router features faster cutting speeds than its corded equivalents. With11,000 up to 25,000 RPM, it can plunge through even the hardest of woods with ease, cutting just over 46 feet per minute. At only 6.6 lbs. (with battery), it is 40 percent lighter than its corded equivalent and features Metabo HPT’s signature ergonomic grip along with a handle mounted lock-on switch to make extended work easier. Bit capacity is 1/4- or 1/2-in. with included collets. Visit

Milwaukee Ratchets with Flexible Head

Milwaukee Tool’s Flex Head Ratcheting Combination Wrenches feature a flexible head design that allows better access in hard-to-reach spaces. With 2.5⁰ of arc swing and 144 ratcheting positions, these new wrenches allow for quick and efficient work in tight and awkward spaces. The double-stacked pawls within the ratcheting mechanism are engineered to increase durability and extend the life of the tool. The Max Bite Open-End Grip improves the wrench’s grip on nuts and bolts, offering 25 percent more torque than smooth-faced wrenches. The ergonomic I-Beam handles are designed for superior comfort in high+ torque situations. The ink-filled size labels provide easy size identification and are color-coded for quick distinction between SAE and Metric sets. The wrenches are fully covered under the Milwaukee Mechanics Hand Tool Lifetime Guarantee. Visit

Knipex Insulated Screwdrivers

Knipex Tools offers a full line of 1,000V VDE-tested insulated screwdrivers (98 series) available in slotted, Phillips and square tips. The insulated screwdrivers feature an anti-roll away handle, and the two-component handle material provides exceptional gripping performance. Each insulated screwdriver has a hang hole for easier storage. The insulated screwdrivers are made of chrome vanadium molybdenum steel. Each one of the insulated tools undergoes a dielectric strength at 10,000V AC. Other tests check the reliability of the insulation towards heat, cold, tensile and impact force. Visit

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