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HVAC Pro Recommends LYNX 18 Heat Pump

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

(guest post courtesy Maureen Murray)

With more than three decades of experience in HVAC and plumbing, Jeff Kleman, owner of M&R Plumbing, Inc. of Bluffton, OH is a heat pump and air conditioning unit installation expert. In operation for more than 57 years, Kleman and his technicians have seen it all -- from emergency plumbing repairs to air conditioning replacements. Always looking for ways to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, Kleman is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to increase indoor comfort for his customers and increase jobsite efficiencies. “Our goal is to offer affordable, energy efficient, versatile equipment to make our customer’s homes and businesses more comfortable,” he said.

Seeking to make installation easier while meeting the needs of his customers, Kleman discovered the LYNX™ 18 SEER Inverter Heat Pump. A highly adaptable, AHRI-rated system, the LYNX 18 offers compatibility with a wide range of existing indoor equipment.

Manufactured by Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International Inc. Company, for its Ducane™, Concord® and Allied™ brands, the high-performance heat pump offered the balance of performance and affordability Kleman was looking for.

“On a recent residential job, we needed to do a performance upgrade, replacing the air conditioner condenser and installing the new heat pump system on the existing furnace,” said Kleman. “We were able to work with the equipment we had without the need to change or retrofit anything to install the LYNX 18 heat pump, it was super easy.”

Unlike traditional units, the LYNX 18 is powered by intelligent algorithms instead of pricey, proprietary thermostats and features a simplified piping system to reduce installation time and virtually eliminate operational complexities and potential leaks. Offering the capability to replace a variety of heat pumps and air conditioner condensers, the unit offers a solution for improving customer satisfaction and reducing inventory complexity with fewer SKUs.

“LYNX 18 is compatible with any conventional thermostat; the unit offers easier installation with familiar equipment, without hours of training, so we can get the done right and move on to the next,” said Kleman.

Capable of operating in three unique modes, the unit can dial in the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency to increase energy savings by up to 22% annually compared to conventional 14 SEER single-stage heat pumps.

“As an 18 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) heat pump, the LYNX 18 is a nice unit because it can replace some of the old heat pumps that might be 13, 14 or 16 SEER,” explained Kleman. “It’s an efficient workhorse unit with the versatility to install in a lot of applications and save everyone some money.”

Featuring QuickLink™ Inverter Technology, the LYNX 18 delivers enhanced homeowner comfort with consistent dehumidification and temperature levels. The system’s self-regulating technology eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing the unit to quickly sync with indoor equipment.

“The QuickLink technology does a really good job of modulating and bringing the temperatures up and down as it needs to for the load that's required,” said Kleman. “So, when you have that QuickLink control in there that will help keep everything more stable in the house and keep the best efficiency on the job site.”

To further enhance customer comfort, the unit includes Quiet Shift™ Technology and a sound-isolating compressor mount to reduce noise levels to as low as 60 dBA, ideal for replacements or installations near porches and windows.

“It’s very quiet compared to a lot of other units,” explained Kleman. “On this replacement job, it’s installed right beside a bedroom window and you cannot hear a thing.”

The LYNX 18 also includes Ominguard® Total Corrosion Protection Technology and a factory-installed Suction Line Filter Drier that help extend the unit’s life for lasting indoor comfort. The unit’s Clean Sweep Defrost technology reduces the number of defrost cycles needed for further efficiency.

“The LYNX 18 is now heating this home very well and is great for cooling applications, even when running at lower speeds it’s going to take out more moisture,” said Kleman. “Being a multi-ton unit that you can easily retrofit for different sized applications, the LYNX 18 is a reliable and versatile unit to keep on hand.”

For more information on the new LYNX™ 18 Inverter Heat Pump and Allied Air Enterprises’ complete line of leading heating and cooling solutions, visit

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