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Kitchen Trends for 2022

(guest post courtesy of Wren Kitchens)

As the new year approaches and with-it new trends, Wren Kitchens, have used Pinterest data to reveal the most popular 2022 kitchen features for those looking to revamp their kitchens next year.

To help those seeking inspiration for new kitchens, or just simply wanting to keep up with the latest trends, the study analyzed 2022 kitchen interior images on Pinterest to understand the common features people are looking to style their kitchens with next year.

Some of the most popular features included brass handles, white quartz slab backsplashes, and statement extractor hoods.

Below you’ll find even more creative inspiration on the must-have kitchen for 2022, along with comments from Darren Watts, Showroom Development & Design Director at Wren Kitchens.

1. Dark colors

Darker colored kitchens such as blacks and royal blues are likely to dominate kitchens in 2022, setting the dramatic yet elegant look. Used cleverly, darker tones can add a real element of sophistication to kitchens, creating a lifted and opulent environment.

Darren comments, "Colors of a darker tone add a contemporary and dramatic feel to a room, whilst also helping to close the space slightly creating a cost environment."

2. Wooden cupboards

Wooden tones are likely to be popular in 2022. Kitchens will abandon uniformity and instead opt for the use of two-tone cabinets, with one wooden tone.

“Wood cabinets have always been a classic choice for kitchens; however, they’re starting to rise in popularity again. There’s also a desire to have painted wooden kitchens, so the grains in the wood are still visible – giving an element of texture to the kitchen.”

3. Statement or Hidden Extractor Hoods

It’s likely that there is going to be more of a feature made from extractor hoods, with some designs opting for more statement, bold fans to really wow guests. Alternatively, it could be common for them to look as though they blend into the kitchen walls, with some interior styling opting to ‘box’ them in, creating a sleek white boxing around the hood to hide it away.

“Extractor fans can sometimes be forgotten about when designing kitchens, however, there are some great statement hoods to add wow-factor to your space.”

4. Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are still going to be prominent, especially as we look to move into post-pandemic life and more people want a kitchen that is fit for every kind of situation.

“Kitchen islands have been a must-wanted item in homes for some time now, and it’s no surprise they’ll continue to be a big trend in 2022 as people opt for functional yet trendy spaces.”

5. Greens

Many paint companies have already predicted how much of a popular color green will be towards the end of 2021 and into the next year. And so, following this, a lot of people are opting for green cupboards, from muted sages to bolder, darker tones. Furthermore, based on how much we relate the color to the great outdoors, green can also add a sense of calm and tranquility to a room.

“Greens create a peaceful and relaxed environment for the home. If you’re feeling braver and want to have fun with color, green tones are the perfect color option for kitchens.”

6. White worktops

White worktops in all forms are likely to popular, from laminate worktops to quartz. Not only do they help to add some brightness to darker kitchens, but they also go hand-in-hand with any color cabinet to create an effortlessly chic look.

“White worktops are a classic in kitchens and can brighten any room, especially as we’re seeing darker kitchens trend.”

7. Open shelving instead of cupboards

Another popular design option in 2022 will be no wall cabinets, which will be replaced by open shelving for a more modern look. Alternatively, there’s also a rise in interest around glass fronted cupboards along walls, with pots, pans and the like on display. Both features can help a kitchen feel more open and brighter, shelves can also be fairly inexpensive for those looking to create a stylish look on a budget.

“This is definitely more of a contemporary option that can look super stylish when done correctly. It can also create a really homely, inviting look having pots, pans and the like on display”.

8. Hidden pantries

Storage, storage and more storage is at the front of nearly every homeowners wish lists! As families grow and people opt to renovate homes rather than move, there’s likely going to be a trend in more kitchens having hidden pantries built into them. Pantries, or larders, are great for all sorts or purposes, from creating specialized nooks for breakfast, to hiding away clunkier worktop electronics such as toasters and coffee machines.

“Built in pantries can add a great amount of space to kitchens, providing the perfect storage space to help keep worktops free from clutter.”

9. White quartz slab backsplashes

Quartz is a real classic look in kitchens, adding texture in a chic, modern way but it’s also a hardwearing material which works perfectly as a backsplash. Large slabs of quartz used as backsplashes could be a big trend in the next year, creating a laidback statement to any kitchen.

“A timeless look, quartz is the perfect way to add texture to kitchens. Used as a slab backsplash, it can add real touch of elegance.”

10. Brass hardware

More of a warmer, brighter color than gold or copper, brass can really make an impact in any kitchen and goes perfectly with nearly every color cabinetry out there. Hardware in any form of brass, from vintage to polished, will likely be popular in 2022, adding a touch of drama without being overpowering.

“Brass hardware in kitchens is coming back quick and fast, with them fitting perfectly with nearly every color kitchen out there. They also add the perfect touch of warmth to any space.”

Further trend predictions for 2022 can be found here.


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