• Matt Weber

National Hardware Show 2021 Product Preview

This October, the Home Improvement and Repairs team will be returning to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the National Hardware Show, which is the largest event serving Hardware and Home Improvement in 2021. The NHS is an enormous trade show where tool and equipment companies unveil the new products that will soon stock the aisles of your local hardware store. We’ll be there to get the big scoop, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the highlights to be exhibited.


Timber-Link offers a unique way to customize wooden slabs and make furniture-building something anyone can do! By simply gluing and fastening the pre-drilled boards together consumers can create so many different projects including tables, desks, benches, headboards, counters and more. You can select edge pieces that feature a live edge and square center pieces to create your projects. Or just use one or the other; the choice is yours. Stand W1009. Visit www.liveedgetimber.com.

Aspen Smart Window Fan

The Aspen Smart Window Fan is WiFi connected with removable and washable fan covers and blades. It offers optional scheduling functions and speeds from your smartphone or with voice control through Aspen Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Stand W4040. Visit www.aspenapplianceinc.com.

Forney 220 MP Welder

The Forney 220 MP welder brings multi-process welding to the next level. Ideal for anything from do-it-yourself projects to light industrial work. Processes: MIG, TIG, Stick, Flux-Core. Welding Capacity: Up to 1/2”. This is a dual voltage machine (110-120V / 208-240V) with a digital display and all-metal drive system. Stand W1001. Visit www.forneyind.com.

Summit Mosquito Solutions

Mosquitoes are brutal down south in HIR country. To combat the pests, Summit Chemical supplies the #1 selling mosquito larvacide product—Mosquito Dunks. Trusted by consumers for over 30 years, they are the safe and effective way to control mosquitoes in any standing water. Summit provides responsible solutions for mosquito, tick, garden insect, and pond problems with top-selling products. Stand W3727. Visit summitchemical.com.



WallpaperBuddy is a brand new, affordable, simple-to-use tool to make wallpapering easy. Research shows that 52% of millennials don't know how to hang wallpaper and 80% of people who have no experience hanging wallpaper said a wallpapering aid aimed at DIY novices would inspire them to try the project. WallpaperBuddy is a patent-pending tool, meticulously designed to help DIY novices to hang wallpaper. Stand W2215C. Visit www.wallpaperbuddy.com.

Beagle Tools Wheelbarrows

Beagle Tools sells wheelbarrows and hand trucks featuring patented flat rib flat-free tires. Beagle manufactured the popular Jeep line of wheelbarrows. The company’s new Aeroframe series, four years in development, features fewer fasteners and quick 1-2 minute assembly times. They are the company’s lightest fully loaded wheelbarrows, and you will feel the difference immediately. The entire line is ergonomic and well balanced, and select models are now available. Stand W3434. Visit www.beagletools.com.


NeverMeasure is designed to simplify hanging just about anything. With auto centering and other integrated features, NeverMeasure can handle everything from artwork collages to household fixtures. As seen on the Today Show, The Morning Blend, Moms Everyday as well as on House Smarts radio, the NeverMeasure picture-hanging tool was created to allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to hang their pictures and projects easily and properly without damaging walls and wasting money and time. Stand W1710. Visit www.nevermeasure.com.

TecXtra Smart Car Battery Charger 5-amp 6V/12V

The TecXtra battery charger from C.M.C. USA Corp. features an intelligent microprocessor control and diagnostics program. The charging process is fully automatic, and you can choose from four different charging modes. It offers pulse loading and trickle charging, and dual-layer PCB board technology equipped with a digital illuminated screen. Stand W1733. Visit www.tecxtratools.com.

The DOT, Magnetic Stud Finder

The DOT is a brand-new type of stud finder in that it combines the accuracy of traditional magnetic stud finders with the ease of use of electronic models. Just scan and listen. Anyone from experienced contractors to novice DIYers can accurately locate a stud behind any wall type (including plaster) in seconds. No more batteries, calibration, false positives, expensive price, or frustrating process of "feeling" the magnetic pull. Just pure ease of use. Stand W2515D. Visit www.chiptoolz.com.

Drain Buddy Ultra Flo

The Drain Buddy Ultra Flo patented 2-in-1 hair catcher and drain stoppers for sinks, tubs and baths require no installation, so they are simple and easy to use for any customer. Stand W536. Visit www.drainstrain.com.