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New Bosch PROFACTOR Cordless Tools

Bosch Power Tools today announced the release of its PROFACTOR high-powered cordless tools, powered by its exclusive CORE18V battery platform and equipped with Bosch BITURBO Brushless™ technology.

From the press announcement:

Delivering power that outperforms its corded counterparts, PROFACTOR cordless tools give professionals the freedom to take on the most demanding applications on one battery platform.

“After thousands of hours of development, we are thrilled to cut the cord with this impressive line of professional cordless solutions,” says Corey Hinkel, Lead PROFACTOR Product Manager for Bosch Power Tools. “Offering more power and flexibility than corded tools, PROFACTOR simplifies jobsites by delivering a line of solutions designed for the industry’s most demanding applications – all powered by a single 18V battery platform.”

At the heart of this new high-powered cordless system is Bosch’s best battery technology - the CORE18V battery platform. It features advanced cell technology, cutting edge design and Bosch-exclusive COOLPACK™ 2.0 technology. With a design including copper end plates, welded cell connectors and power rails, the batteries provide reduced resistance and greater efficiency, allowing tools to draw higher currents from the battery. With the PROFACTOR-optimized CORE18V 8.0 Ah and the new PROFACTOR Exclusive CORE18V 12.0 Ah batteries, professionals can power the full PROFACTOR tool lineup from a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple battery platforms on the jobsite.

PROFACTOR tools feature Bosch BITURBO Brushless™ technology, which pairs a high-performance brushless motor and drive train system with powerful magnets and optimized in-tool electronics to take full advantage of the additional power generated by the CORE18V 8.0 Ah and 12.0 Ah PROFACTOR batteries.

Pre-orders for the PROFACTOR lineup are available now. The product portfolio includes the following, with more coming later in 2021:

  • Bosch GBH18V-36CN 18V Hitman Connected-Ready SDS-max 1-9/16 In. Rotary Hammer

  • Bosch GBH18V-45CK 18V Hitman Connected-Ready SDS-max 1-7/8 In. Rotary Hammer

  • Bosch GBH18V-34CQN 18V Connected-Ready SDS-plus 1-1/4 In. Rotary Hammer

  • Bosch GWX18V-13CN 18V Spitfire X-LOCK Connected-Ready 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder with Slide Switch

  • Bosch GWS18V-13CN 18V Spitfire Connected-Ready 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder with Slide Switch

  • Bosch GKS18V-25GCN 18V Strong Arm Connected-Ready 7-1/4 In. Circular Saw

  • Bosch GKS18V-25CN 18V Strong Arm Connected-Ready 7-1/4 In. Circular Saw

  • Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN14 18V Surgeon 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw

  • Bosch GKT18V-20GCL 18V Connected-Ready 5-1/2 In. Track Saw with Plunge Action

Various kitted executions are also available for pre-order.

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