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News from the HIR Mailbox 9.01.20

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Newsflash of new tools and supplies from the 'Home Improvement and Repair' mailbox!

The Restorer

The new Restorer is able to accomplish a variety of tasks that typically require the use of many different hand tools and power tools. The Restorer is a patented hand-held or bench top tool that can be used to buff, sand, grind, polish, scrub or clean any surface. Its design makes the restorer very balanced and compact for maneuvering in tight areas and around tough obstacles in any type of surface, flat or curved, wet or dry. The restorer can be fitted with any type of roller from sanding sleeves, abrasives to wire wheel and everywhere in between. It is compatible with all Restorer accessories. Visit

Perma-Chink Log & Timber Defense

Make your wood look new again for siding and trim, timber frames, beams, board and batten, rough-cut cedar, fences and more. Specifically Formulated to inhibit mold and mildew growth, Perma-Chink Systems' new technology provides a semi-transparent wood stain that provides the ease of application and penetration of the older solvent oils combined with the performance and longevity of a penetrating polymer-based finish. This unique combination penetrates into the wood like an oil coating, but unlike oils, it hardens into a lattice, supporting and strengthening the natural wood fibers to protect the wood from the inside out. Log & Timber Defense allows the texture and grain to show through and offers outstanding adhesion and durability. It's an environmentally friendly, low odor/low-VOC product that won't peel or flake and cleans up with soap and water. Visit      

CAMO EdgeXMetal Clips for Metal Framing

The CAMO EdgeXMetal Clip fastens any grooved deck board on metal substructure that installs easily by hand with the included Never-Miss Guide or up to 5X faster with the award-winning CAMO DRIVE stand-up tool, both using the contractor’s drill. EdgeXMetal Clips are one-pass fasteners that use the same technology as CAMO EdgeX Clips for wood framing. The wings of the clip fit into the groove of the board, securing it before fastening, and the 304 Stainless Steel gusset holds the boards down. The key difference between the two clips is the screw—EdgeXMetal features a drill point screw that engages in less than two seconds, rather than a self-tapping screw for wood. EdgeXMetal Clips are incredibly versatile, working with top manufacturer's deck boards at any angle on 14–18GA metal framing, including Fortress Evolution and Trex Elevations. Visit

Pavestone Rumblestone

Pavestone has made it easy, fast and affordable for homeowners and contractors alike to build a number of these desirable outdoor features with the advent of RumbleStone. These rustic-looking stones come in project kits that require nothing more than stacking stones in a pre-determined configuration to create fire pits, grill enclosures and benches. QUIKRETE Polyurethane Construction Adhesive can be applied between the stones to strengthen the finished project. Pavestone RumbleStone, which are available in kits starting at $250, can also be purchased as individual units for customized projects like patios, walls and landscape borders. Visit

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool

This new M18 FUEL multi-tool features three Milwaukee-exclusive innovations — the PowerState Brushless Motor, RedLithium Battery Pack and RedLink PLUS Intelligence Hardware and Software. The brushless motor pairs with an aggressive oscillation angle of 4.2 degrees and 10,000 – 20,000 OPM to deliver the fastest cut speed in the industry. This also gives users the power to make rip cuts through hardwoods and nail-embedded wood, pushing the limits of what a multipurpose oscillating tool can do. Additionally, the overall design of the tool dampens vibration to make cuts more comfortable, creating less fatigue for users. Additional features include a 10-setting dial with an Auto-Load Feature, allowing users to adjust the speed to the application, and an integrated 180-degree LED light for maximum visibility in low-light situations. With any luck, Milwaukee will send the HIR team a unit to review when they become widely available. Visit

Whisper Mat LVT

Whisper Mat LVT is a primerless, peel-and-stick sheet membrane, which reduces impact and airborne sound transmissions under luxury vinyl and laminate tiles and planks. Used where sound-control is required, specified or desired. Constructed of a 100% virgin latex rubber sheet combined with an aggressive block copolymer adhesive. Available in 30x80-in. rolls, Whisper May LVT installs quickly with easy, primerless peel-and-stick application. The product is CRI Green Label Plus Certified for optimal indoor air quality. Visit

GelFit Stabilizer Knee Pads

The ToughBuilt GelFit Stabilizer Knee Pads allow the rock-steady Stabilizer SnapShell to be removed entirely or interchanged with other SnapShells, so users can create the exact knee pad to fit every job. The Stabilizer's unique construction creates a wide footprint to the front, sides and rear. This eliminates tipping-over, creates a stable, comfortable feel, and decreases pressure on the ankles. The ergonomic gel and foam design embraces the natural shape of the knee and upper shin, maximizing pressure distribution for all-day comfort. Visit

Trex RainEscape

Trex RainEscape is an underdeck drainage system that uses a network of troughs and gutters to divert water from the deck. It shields the area below the deck from rain, snow, sun, and other elements, providing 100-percent protection of the deck substructure from moisture. RainEscape helps the wood holds screws in place longer and allows finishing the space under the deck with utilities such as gas and electric, or even soffit lights. The product is easy to install and backed by a 20-year warranty. Visit

Happy Labs Muscle + Joint Salve

Tackling home projects can result in sore backs, necks, fingers, knees and hips. The Happy Labs Muscle + Joint Salve is meant to be applied liberally to sore areas to aid in recovery. Each 1.7-ounce jar contains 900mg of CBD (no THC, only pure Cannabidiol isolate) as well as beneficial oils such as Coconut, Jojoba Seed, Lavender, Rosehip, and Neem to heal the skin. Each hemp plant used in the product is traced from seed to shelf, and each product features a QR code giving consumers access to certified lab tests results specific to their product batch. All CBD used by The Happy Labs is derived from organically grown U.S. hemp. Visit

Pony Jorgensen Cutting Rail Guide

The 50-inch Jorgensen cutting rail guide and 50-inch cutting guide extension rail allow for up to 100 inches of precise cutting. Made with heavy-duty rigid aluminum for long life and consistent straight edges, the 50-inch Jorgensen cutting rail guide clamps onto work surfaces and allows for accurate cuts up to 50 inches long. Featuring a handle-locking mechanism and built-in ruler, the new 97100 series is best suited for use with jigsaws, circular saws, routers, and other portable power tools. For workpieces longer than 50 inches, the 50-inch cutting guide extension rail, which is sold separately, can be easily attached to the cutting guide, doubling the length of the cut. Visit

WORX Power Share Hydroshot

The new WORX 40V, 725-PSI Power Share Hydroshot ULTRA Portable Power Cleaner is packed with more cleaning power than any other Hydroshot to date. Yet, it has retained all the portability and convenience of the popular Hydroshot line, along with notable upgrades, including a hi-tech brushless motor and re-designed motor/pump configuration. The new, high-powered Hydroshot combines two 20V MAX, Lithium 4.0 Ah, batteries to deliver pressurized water up to 725 psi. This is more than 11 times higher than the water pressure produced by a standard garden hose and nozzle. Unlike heavy and hard-to-maneuver corded-electric or gas-powered washers. It’s not tethered to a power outlet nor does it come with the fuss, fumes, mess and noise of a gas pressure washer. The 40V Hydroshot is driven by a brushless motor with electronically controlled power distribution, which increases battery run time over standard brushed motors. On high mode, the pump-driven, 40V Hydroshot has plenty of cleaning power to wash down decks, patios, vehicles, boat hulls, bicycles, gutters, siding and more. Visit

New Pfister Faucet Features

Pfister introduces two kitchen faucets with three new features that make life easier in the kitchen. On both the Norden and Port Haven pull-down faucets, Pfister's MagnePfit magnetic docking features powerful magnets that keep the spray head firmly secured to the spout. Pfister Auto-Align simplifies the process aligning the spray head after each use by using threaded grooves subtly located at the base of the spray head that work with corresponding grooves inside the spout to re-orient the head for perfect positioning. Pfister's HydroBlade feature creates an innovative spray pattern engineered to blast away hard-to-clean messes with ease. The high-pressure water blade uses high velocity and concentrated force to cut away messes from plates, cups, sinks and other surfaces. Visit


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