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Product News from the HIR Mailbox 3/10/20

The HIR staff gets advance word on cool new product announcements, and we’re here to share it with you!

Diablo Step Drill Bits for Impact Drivers The building industry is quickly transitioning from cordless drill drivers to impact drivers. With a standard step drill bit, the tip and cutting edges wear out quickly, and to prevent bit walking, users must pre-drill a starter hole prior to using the bit. Standard step bits used with an impact driver are also susceptible to damage or breakage because they weren’t designed for the tool. Diablo’s new impact-ready Step Drill Bits are designed to be “best in the world” in terms of durability, speed and accuracy, eliminating the problems users have with standard step drill bits. The new bits feature a Split Point Tip that stays sharper longer for easy on-point drilling, with no pre-drilling necessary and up to six times longer life. The bits also feature Accu-Grind Technology, a process that delivers strict angle tolerances on each step for minimal bit wear and up to two times faster drilling and hole-making. Visit

Wilton Tradesman XC Vise Wilton expands the Tradesman XC Vise to include two new models with jaw widths of 4-1/2 and 5-1/2 inches. The smaller size vises are a result of customer demand to meet the needs of smaller spaces on work trucks. The Tradesman XC vises are designed to handle the elements with the ability to work in the most extreme environments.Nicknamed the “bullet” due to its cylinder-shaped design, the Tradesman XC’s sealed construction features a precision slide bar, rugged jaw and pipe inserts, and a large, heavy-duty machined anvil. Key components are drenched with an electroless nickel coating to prolong life in corrosive environments. Visit

The Scrigit Scraper The Scrigit Scraper is a pen-shaped, non-scratch cleaning tool that provides a quick and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces, edges and grooves. The Scrigit Scraper can be used instead of fingernails and metal tools to quickly clean off small areas of unwanted substances, such as grime, caulk, putty, candle wax, latex paint splatters, dried food, adhesive stickers, labels and tape. The tool is two scrapers in one. A rounded tip simulates the effective scraping shape of a fingernail and is great for scraping off small spots, cleaning curved surfaces, and removing adhesive labels, stickers and tape. The flat-edged tip is best for getting into tight spaces and cleaning off unwanted materials from flat surfaces, edges, corners and door tracks. Made in the USA of a durable plastic resin that easily washes clean and won’t conduct electricity, the Scrigit Scraper is available in 2-packs and 5-packs. Visit

DryerWallVent The gaping hole of an uncovered dryer vent is the perfect welcoming home for pests, and is wide open to the elements. The updated DryerWallVent is designed to withstand the elements, fend off critters, and perform reliably thanks to patent-pending features such as a secondary backing plate. For retrofit installs, there’s no telling what you’ll find when the old vent is removed: too-large holes, bent and misshapen pipes, etc. Should the easy-to-install process of the DryerWallVent prove a challenge in these instances, that’s when the secondary backing plate saves the day. A larger footprint and four integrated screw holes ensure a proper, tight, squirrel-defeating fit. And birds are no match for the integrated rubber bumper magnets of the DryerWallVent. Manufactured in the USA of heavy gauge, galvanized, powder-coated steel, the DryerWallVent won’t fade, crack or get crushed. Visit

Arrow Fastener E21 Electric Staple Gun The Arrow E21 cordless electric staple gun features a soft, overmolded grip, a cordless JT21 electric tacker, and a convenient stapler base for easy storage. The staple gun boasts a three-hour battery life and can shoot up to 1,000 shots on one charge. The E21’s lithium-ion battery platform makes it ideal for light-duty projects, such as upholstery and crafting, and any application where AC current and cords are a limitation. Additionally, the E21 is one of the first electrical tools to use Arrow Fastener’s popular JT21 light-wire staples and can fire up to 30 staples per minute, including 1/4-, 5/16- and 3/8-in. staples. Visit

SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel Got bird problems? SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel is an easy, economical and effective sensory bird-control solution. Each easy-to-apply PVC disc contains an innovative non-toxic gel that uses a combination of sight, sense and smell that repels birds, keeping them away from edges, ledges and more. Use on rooflines, I-beams, railings, gutters, window sills, HVAC units, and other places where nuisance birds may congregate. Visit

QuickShip Programs for Tarkett Flooring Tarkett is making a wider variety of expertly curated flooring products available for fast delivery through the expansion of its QuickShip Express (ships in 2 days) and standard QuickShip (ships in 10 days) programs. Dealers, architects and designers are now able to select from hundreds of the company’s top-selling products across a broad selection of flooring solutions, including carpet tile, Powerbond, broadloom, LVT, wall base and transition accessories, with the assurance the products will ship within 2 or 10 business days. Visit visit

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