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Product News from the HIR Mailbox 7/13/20

Re-U-Zip +Magnetic

The HIR staff met the principles of this new company at the 2020 International Builders’s Show in Las Vegas. At the time, we thought Re-U-Zip’s magnetic self-closing strips offered a promising new upgrade for traditional dust-barrier systems. And we thought that before the Coronavirus pandemic had taken hold in the U.S. In light of the last few months, the new system seems smarter than ever. Professionals ranging from healthcare workers and dentists to tradesmen and construction workers are looking for solutions that can protect individuals from contamination, therefore protecting their health. Re-U-Zip’s self-closing strips not only allow for hands-free entry, but they work with any custom-sized barrier. Irregular architecture, small or extra-large doorways, and even the lack of door frames does not stop Re-U-Zip +Magnetic from creating self-closing barriers for your workspace. Visit

QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair

QPR (Quality Asphalt Repair) is getting rehabilitated roads, driveways, parking lots, utility cuts and other surfaces exposed to vehicle traffic open in minutes rather than hours with its new QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair. A North American leader in engineered solutions for infrastructure, QPR designed this game-changing material with proprietary water-activated technology so making rigid repairs to asphalt or concrete is easy, fast and permanent. Ready-to-use out of 20-pounds buckets, QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair is appropriate for any pothole or crack wider than one inch. After removing all debris, pour the QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair from the pothole or crack, spread evenly with a rake, and then activate the material by saturating with water. Once the QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair stops absorbing the water, firmly pack with a tamper. The patch will set hard in one hour, but traffic can return to the surface almost immediately after the repair is completed. QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair requires no bonding agent and can be used in all weather conditions.

“You won’t have to come back and refill the same pothole in the future, which is a common complaint with other products,” says Don Nathan, General Manager or QPR. “We worked with state DOTs and contractors to develop a best-in-class material that combines the consistency and workability of hot asphalt with superior set time, cure time and durability. It’s also solvent-free and environmentally-friendly, making it ideal for both commercial and do-it-yourself projects.” Visit

DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 Launches with Acme Tools

Order the next generation of the DeWalt storage ecosystem today from Acme Tools. The new DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 is being launched exclusively with Acme Tools as the Industrial Channel partner online and in Acme Tools stores. The customizable, portable and durable tool storage system from DeWalt has been upgraded to provide new patented auto-lock side latches for ease of use, removable handle to allow the rolling base to fit into a truck bed with a cover, and increased modularity that allows the user to customize the system to meet their needs. ToughSystem 2.0 adds 20 percent more storage capacity and is compatible with most original ToughSystem 1.0 products. This exclusive launch of the new ToughSystem 2.0 features four case sizes and two different sized three-piece organizer sets from Acme Tools. Visit

Milwaukee Tool New Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades

Milwaukee Tool continues to enhance their line of unique cutting solutions with the introduction of Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades. For use in wood, screws, nails, cement board, plaster, and other cutting applications, the Titanium Enhanced Carbide Teeth Extreme Materials Blade is complete with a thinner blade and unique aggressive tooth design to offer faster cutting performance in wood when compared to the standard carbide blade. Available in a 1-3/8-in. width, the Extreme Materials Blade lasts up to 50X longer than standard bi-metal blades and can be used in a wide range of materials. The Titanium Enhanced Bi-Metal Metal Cutting Blades are made from premium high-speed steel and feature a uniquely designed combination of tooth form and material to offer better cutting performance in soft metals, wood, nails, PVC, and drywall. The blades are available in 1-1/8” and 1-3/4” widths. Also available are Japanese Tooth Hardwood Blades, HCS Wood Blades, and specialty accessories for sanding, scraping, grinding, and material-removal applications. The new Milwaukee multi-tool blades are complete with a Universal Fit OPEN-LOK Connection for quick blade changes. Visit

Empire 1190 16x24" True Blue Laser Etched Framing Square

The Empire 16" X 24" True Blue Laser Etched Framing Square features permanent high-visibility laser markings that won't wear after heavy use on the job site. The square features Arc-Scribe, which gives users the best solution for marking radii on job-site materials. The durable anodized lightweight aluminum framing square will not rust or corrode and features laser etched graduations at 1/8-, 1/10-, 1/12-, and 1/16-inch for superior readability in any light condition. Visit

Deckorators Voyage Composite Decking Named Top 50 Product

Deckorators Voyage composite decking has been named to the Pool & Spa News Top 50 Products list for the second straight year. Superior surface traction and resistance to water make the mineral-based composite (MBC) decking perfect for areas around pools, spas and hot tubs. Each May, Pool & Spa News honors the year’s top pool industry products in a special issue. New Voyage Khaya (true brown) and varied-plank decking options made the 2020 Top 50, after the lineup of Voyage Sierra (dark gray), Tundra (gray), Costa (golden brown) and Mesa (red brown) was honored in 2019. Made with patented Eovations MBC technology that allows virtually no water absorption, Deckorators Voyage decking also features textured embossing that provides 34 percent or more improved surface traction than other leading brands of composite decking. Visit

Infinity Drain Linear Drains offer Maximum Sanitation

Infinity Drain offers a solution for chemical cleaning of “wet room" bathrooms. In a wet room, all floors and walls are waterproofed and tiled so that they can efficiently shed moisture. Floors are sloped, and all water exits the wet room through a high-performing linear drain or center drain.Wet rooms can be created in any size, from small guest baths to luxury master bathrooms, and the drain transitions from being a shower drain to becoming a floor drain. Having a floor drain is like an insurance policy in case there is a plumbing failure on the dry side of the bathroom. The bathroom can also be sprayed down and squeegeed for cleaning. A smaller space may lend itself to including a shower enclosure with no glass partition. Or, a shower or tub could be enclosed behind the glass. For a larger bathroom, the shower and tub could be located in separate areas of the bathroom, completely barrier free. This means the space is spread out enough so the sink or toilet will not get overspray from the shower head. For linear wet-room drains, Infinity Drain offers a broad selection of decorative choices and installation options. Visit

Metabo HPT Dual-Powered MultiVolt Rebar Bender/Cutter

Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) introduces the industry’s first dual-powered MultiVolt Rebar Bender/Cutter (model VB3616DA) designed exclusively for rebar to make quick cuts and to bend to uniform angles easily. Made in Japan and based on the iconic corded rebar bender/cutter model VB16Y, this tool is crafted to deliver even greater cutting and bending performance than the original model. It delivers one-of-a-kind cordless/corded dual-power convenience as part of the MultiVolt family of tools. This rebar bender/cutter can bend approximately 520 pieces of #5 rebar at 90° on a single charge of the included MultiVolt 4.0Ah battery in under 2 seconds per bend. It can bend multiple pieces of rebar at one time(one piece of #5 rebar, two pieces of #4, or three pieces of #3) to save time and improve productivity.Dial into precise angles up to180° for uniform bends with the simple turn of the convenient color-coded angle adjust dial. For custom angles, a quick-reverse setting is a feature of the new Manual Mode. When it comes to cuts, a user can expect approximately 270 cuts of #5 rebar in a matter of seconds on a single charge of the battery. With any MultiVolt tool, if a power outlet is handy,just plug in with the AC adapter with cord (model ET36A sold separately or FREE with mail-in rebate for a limited time; visit

Milwaukee Tool I-Beam Levels

Milwaukee Tool is growing their layout solutions with the addition of three new Magnetic I-Beam Levels. Built to withstand jobsite conditions, the new levels are constructed with a stronger frame and feature integrated pitch vials. Each level features an all-metal frame while maintaining lightweight performance that can be easily transported on and off the job. The integrated pitch vial allows users to easily set 1º and 2º pitches for runoff applications. The vials are protected from impact damage, debris, and fogging for better visibility. Finally, a strong magnetic edge provides a reliable hold to any ferrous surface for trusted hands-free use. The new I-Beam Levels are made in the USA, come in 24-, 48- and 78-inch lengths, and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Visit

Rodda Paint Super II

Rodda Paint, the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest, announces the release of Super II — a new 100-percent acrylic paint formulated with the latest acrylic waterborne technology to deliver high performance characteristics with maximum durability, premium stain resistance and outstanding washability. Excellent flow and leveling and superior adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces make Super II an excellent choice over oil-base paints and previously stained wood surfaces. Super II’s outstanding durability and washability offer “best in class” touch-up ability, excellent flow and leveling, superior adhesion and stain resistance. Super II is excellent for walls, doors, woodwork and trim, and its higher volume of solids ensures a better hide for masonry surfaces. Visit

Spyder New Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Spyder's new Black Series bi-metal reciprocating saw blades are designed for tough cutting tasks that require an aggressive, durable and long-lived blade. Constructed from an 8-percent cobalt blend, which adds strength and durability, they are up to three times faster and 10 times longer-lasting than standard bi-metal blades. Available in lengths of 6, 9 and 12 inches, and featuring 6 to 18 teeth-per-inch, Spyder's Black Series reciprocating saw blades excel in demanding demolition projects, quickly cutting wood, nail-embedded wood, metal and other materials. Three-piece and five-piece packs and a 14-piece variety kit with a storage case are available at Lowe's. Visit

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