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U2 Fasteners Work with “Just the Tip”

When it comes to home-improvement and construction, there’s nothing more frustrating than working with crummy fasteners. Poorly made fasteners tend to slip, strip, or “cam out” while driving them, which wastes time spent removing and replacing screws, possibly more time spent repairing the project from a wayward driver bit, and then requires even more effort for the repeat attempts at fastening.

When it comes to construction and decking screws, the HIR team has virtually abandoned the old Phillip’s head type of fastener because of their sloppy fit while driving them. When we go to work, we prefer the star-drive heads, because the driver bit sinks snugly into the recess of the screw head and holds tight when you trigger the tool.

Leading the pack of these star-drive screws are our friends at U2 Fasteners. U2 features a Tight Star Recess system designed to grasp the star-drive U-Bits so tightly that they can be installed with one hand. Furthermore, the interface between the fastener and U-Bit has such a strong connection, that not only can the tool hold the fastener unassisted, but the fastener can hold the weight of the tool!

To demonstrate the tight fit of U-Bits and U2 Fasteners, the folks at U2 have launched a clever internet campaign dubbed “Just the Tip,” where users can upload photos of the fasteners in action, showcasing the bit-to-screw interface. Since a picture says a thousands words, check out some of the screen captures below and visit U2 on Instagram @u2fasteners and #justthetip. And check out the company’s product lineup at U2 Fasteners.

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