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Video: Fire-resistant Building Panels

HIR recently reported on Maxterra MgO panels from NexGen Building Products. These Magnesium Oxide (MgO) panels can be used as a direct replacement for plywood and OSB for exterior sheathing, drywall panels, subfloors, floor underlayment, tile backer panels and more.

Since they're made of magnesium oxide and other minerals, the panels are non-combustible and provide zero flame spread and zero smoke spread. This is ideal in wall sheathing, subflooring, and roof deck applications, especially when you consider that every 23 seconds, a fire department in the United States responds to a fire somewhere in the nation. A home fire occurs every 89 seconds.

To demonstrate the importance of these fire-resistant properties in dramatic fashion, Steve Grady NEXGEN Building Products Chief Client Officer, sent me a video.

As Grady explains, it, "When one of the benefits of your product is fire resistance, people want to see it tested. And who are we to say no? So, we built half of a structure using OSB and the other half using our Maxterra MgO panels and set it ablaze. Spoiler alert, one side burned down, and one side didn’t. I know you weren’t there, but not to worry, we filmed the whole thing in this video..."

Learn more about Magnesium Oxide building materials at

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