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Adhesive Vinyl Planks Installed the Right Way

A lot of pro flooring installers shy away from peel-and-stick flooring because inferior products of the past have failed and come unglued. I’ve experienced this myself. So, I recommend you select a quality product with a reputable brand name and that’s backed with a warranty. Yet, even the best adhesive flooring can fail if improperly installed. The subfloor must be extensively prepped and maintained to ensure the strongest adhesive bond. Furthermore, the thin, flexible nature of the vinyl tile means that any slight imperfection in the subfloor can transfer through the tile, distorting its shape with dips or bumps, which look unsightly and cause problems with adhesion. Here’s how we took special care to get the job done.

Click HERE to read our full step-by-step installation article.

Style Selections Vinyl Flooring from Lowe's

Style Selections Vinyl Flooring from Lowe’s

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