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EZ Way to Hang a Door

Alabama home-builder Dustin Schwaiger introduced the HIR staff to the EZ-Hang Door Bracket, which has become his crew’s go-to method of hanging a door. The E-Z Hang system is a unique seven-bracket system that speeds up installation time and reduces or eliminates the need for shims. This method makes it easier for installers of virtually any skill level to learn how to hang a door.

Furthermore, the EZ-Hang system allows for installation from the inside/hinge side of the door by one person. This has always been problem with pre-hung door installation. In order to square the jamb with the door, it must be in place. It is also impossible to add wood shims from the opposite side of the door without opening the door or having help from a second person. With the EZ-Hang bracket, you can complete the work from the side of the door you need to be on.

Bracket installation relies on screws rather than nails, and the screw holes are designed as key-hole slots to make it easy to adjust the door. (Once nails are in place it is often difficult or impossible to adjust without damage, and less nailing in the face of the jamb will mean less repair of nail holes.) When the door is hung true to its opening from the start, there

is less chance it will need adjustments or call-backs. With this system, door reveal and clearances are much easier to make consistent, so the doors will look and swing better in the opening.

You can find Dustin Schwaiger Construction on Facebook.

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