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Home Trends for 2021

How have home trends evolved in the wake of the pandemic? Whether you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover or you’re in the market for a new home, has published a forecast of trends for 2021 that reflect an evolving lifestyle.

“Grandmillenial” and “Cottagecore” home styles will take focus.

According to the article, Cottagecore is “taking the feel of living the life in a cottage out in the country, but bringing that vibe to our homes no matter where we live. Cottagecore is also centered around a cozy feeling focusing on the simpler pleasures of living.” Characteristics include softer colors, functional décor, with lots of accents and textiles.

The Grandmillenial style incorporates all the “comforts of grandma’s home,” including vintage touches, patterns, nostalgia, but adding a touch of modern vibes of bold colors, coordinating patterns, “or even the soft touch of a velvet couch.”

The open-floor design so popular prior to the pandemic is now being reconsidered for 2021. According to the report. “Now that more members of a family are working or learning from home, having enough spaces for everyone to have quiet, and less distractions is key, especially during video conferences. … Dining rooms during the day function as work spaces, while at night they transform back to a place to enjoy dinner together. Even home offices are getting a major facelift due to the shift in need. … Basements are gaining popularity, especially building them out to be something other than storage.”

Read the entire article HERE.

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