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Mow Your Lawn Less During the Summer

(guest post by Valerie Smith)

It’s almost summertime, and if you have a warm season lawn (like St. Augustine, bermuda, zoysia or centipede), this is the prime growing season. That also means it’s prime mowing season!

To mow your lawn less during the summer for warm season grasses like St. Augustine, bermuda, zoysia, and centipede, consider these options: Mulch mow weekly to reduce time by 20 percent, mow and bag every other week to save 50 percent but maintain a clean look, or mulch mow every other week to save 60 percent in mowing time if a pristine appearance isn’t a priority.

Option 1: Mulch and Mow Weekly

To reduce your total mowing time by about 20 percent, eliminate the time required to stop and bag clippings. If your mower has a mulch setting, use it instead.

If your mower doesn’t have a mulch option, simply mow without bagging. This only works if you mow weekly, as leaving un-bagged clippings can create an unsightly appearance if allowed to dry and accumulate.

Option 2: Mow and Bag Every Other Week

Another option is to mow every other week and bag the clippings. This can reduce your mowing time by 50 percent, but you’ll need to bag the clippings to maintain a clean look.

The downside is that if you miss a mowing due to rain or vacation, you’ll need to remove almost twice as much leaf blade the following week. This can be problematic, as removing more than a third of the total leaf blade at once is not advisable.

If you miss a mowing using this strategy, you may need to mow twice the following week, each time removing half as much, to get back to your normal mowing height.

Option 3: Mulch and Mow Every Other Week

If you’re less concerned about a pristine look and just want to keep your grass presentable, you can mulch and mow every other week. This will save you 60% in mowing time.

Regardless of which strategy you choose, it’s recommended you mow your lawn at the highest recommended height for your grass type. To illustrate the time savings:

Helpful Tip: Alter Your Fertilizer Inputs

To further reduce mowing, consider a lawn fertility program that promotes greenness without excessive leaf growth. Look for products that don’t rely heavily on nitrogen, like the Lawnifi Summer Fertilizer Box, a liquid fertilizer that is efficient, effective and easy to use.


Ultimately, there are a variety of options at your disposal to reduce mowing inputs during the hot summer months. A part of having a thriving, beautiful lawn means it will want to grow—so frequent mowing is a must. These strategies are great options to reduce mowing and the time spent outside without causing any damage or harm to your lawn.


Editor's Note: This article was written by Sod Solutions Content Strategist, Valerie Smith. To view this article on Sod Solutions website, click here. Want to learn more about achieving a great lawn? Check out more Sod University tips here and subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

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