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Video: Installing a New Range Hood

When it came time for new range hood, we went with the Hauslane UC-PS38 because it’s packed with cool features. This pro-style ventilation hood cleans the air and then steam-cleans itself. The under-cabinet extractor fan cleans grease, smoke, fumes and cooking odors from the air with its 6 speed fans. At the touch of a button, the kitchen exhaust fan then goes on to steam-clean and rinse its own hood and ventilator fans using an internal water supply – no water line required.

Although most range hoods have trouble capturing smoke from the front burners, the unique panel design of this model creates suction around the range hood to provide maximum coverage for your cooktop.

The Hauslane UC-PS38 is a sleek-looking model with clean lines, a buttonless digital touch panel, and a stainless steel finish. LED lights create a warm atmosphere while providing plenty of illumination to the cooking area.

The video shows a quick look (with a few tips) at our process of removing an old venting microwave and replacing it with a proper Hauslane UC-PS38 range hood.

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