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Aluminum Window Trim

Aluminum Window Trim provides a low-maintenance and durable solution for residential exteriors. Also known as Aluminum Window Wrap, this trim solution works like armor to protect the window frames from the ravages of the outdoor elements. The trim is installed during new window installation or when replacing your old ones.

The specialized equipment (i.e., a sheet-metal brake) and required metal-crafting skills make this project better suited for pro installers than DIY’ers. The aluminum trim coil comes in a wide variety of colors, however, so it should be easy for your contractor to match almost any color to your house.

This trim method conceals the window’s brick mold and sill in overlapping aluminum casing that is fabricated on-site. The aluminum coil is cut to length and then bent on the brake into a profile that matches the window trim’s size and shape. Metal snips and hand brakes are used to adjust the final shape, then the sill piece is installed first (prior to window installation) using finish nails. Next come the side pieces that shed water over the sill plate. Finally, the top piece is nailed in place so it overlaps the sides to shed water. Once completely installed, all the aluminum joints and fastener holes are sealed with a high-quality exterior-grade sealant.

If you’re interested in this aluminum armor for your new or replacement windows, then reach out to reputable contractors in your area to see who offers the service.

Here are a few photos of the job in progress:

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