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Basement Bar Ideas

The folks over at Groundworks have posted their picks for "Best Basement Bar Ideas." Via Youtube videos, you'll see a wide range of styles, from ultra-modern to rustic wood. Jump over and take a look if this home project is on your radar. I've built a couple of bars in my lifetime, and it's a fun way to flex your DIY muscles and get creative with the design.

Below are a few highlights from the list, but you can read the entire article HERE.

- M. Weber

Modern Basement Tour

Attribution: Finished Basement NJ – YouTube

This is an ultra-modern look for the bar and finished basement. It’s characterized by a large open area with gleaming white flooring. Other features include a steam room and bath, a workout gym, and a bedroom, along with a huge home theater that includes its own concession stand.

Top-of-the-Line Finished Basement

Attribution: Finished Basement NJ – YouTube

This tour starts with a full-wall display case for models. Then there’s the game room, playroom, gym room, wonderful bar, and home theater. There are lots of open spaces. And don’t miss the hidden entrance to the utility room. You can find lots of ideas here for your basement.

Rustic Industrial Man Cave Basement Bar

Attribution: Ares Playhouse Productions – YouTube

This is a quite impressive basement with a bar, pool table, foosball, video, and more. The heart of this video is covering all the work that went into making this finished basement from concrete floors and framing for walls to the finished room.

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