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CAMO BLOCK Floating Deck Foundation

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National Nail’s new CAMO BLOCK is a lightweight, heavy-duty polyolefin deck block for building decks, platforms, and other exterior projects–virtually eliminating the need for cement blocks.

“We are passionate about offering our users products that make their jobs faster, easier, and better. The CAMO BLOCK does just that. At just over 2 lbs, the BLOCK is significantly lighter in weight than traditional concrete blocks, so you can easily transport them in one trip to the truck and on the jobsite,” said Greg Groenhout, CAMO Product Manager. “It is the most versatile deck block on the market, accepting 4x4 and 6x6 wood posts, 2x wood joists, and 2 in. metal joists. And because the BLOCK is precision engineered to fit these sizes, you get a snug fit without the effort and headache of chiseling out the channel.”

CAMO BLOCK is a lightweight, heavy-duty alternative to concrete deck blocks. Made of long-lasting polyolefin, the BLOCK will not chip or crack, even in cold weather. It’s made from recycled material and can be recycled at the end of its life. Each BLOCK is precision molded to fit standard lumber specifications without the need for modification on the job. It features ribs and weep holes to direct water away from the substructure and prevent buildup, rot and mold. It is load-rated to support 1800 PSI.

CAMO BLOCK is designed to build freestanding decks from 5-½ to 30 inches high. They can be used for various platform profiles including low-profile, raised-profile, variable-height, and hybrid-profile. They can also be used for rooftop decks, landings, walkways, sheds, and dog houses. They can be installed on any flat and firm surface, including uneven ground with some leveling.

CAMO BLOCK is backed by a 30-year Limited Warranty. Learn more about CAMO BLOCK at

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