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Kitchen & Bath Sneak Peek: Preview of KBIS 2021

What’s the latest kitchen and bath technology for 2021? The latest products will soon be unveiled in February at the 2021 virtual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), but HIR is here to bring you a sneak peek at some of the highlights to come.

Wetwall Wall Panel System

Instead of using tile and grout when water is ever-present, the Wetwall Water-Proof Wall Panel System from WilsonArt provides a single panel that’s waterproof. It’s also a tongue-and-groove product that is easy to work with and can be installed without any special tooling in as little as 2.5 hours. Once it’s in, it’s dependable and requires little effort to maintain because it's grout-free. Ideal for bathrooms and showers, this patented walls system withstands daily use and is available in an array of nature-inspired "on trend" designs. Visit

LG Studio WashTower

LG Studio WashTower is a complete laundry solution with an exclusive single-unit form factor, complete with LG's Center Control panel that's positioned with both washer and dryer controls in the middle for maximum convenience. The WashTower makes laundry day easier than ever with its AI sensors that detect fabric texture and load size and then automatically select the right wash motions, temperatures, and more. With Smart Pairing technology, the washer tells the dryer the most compatible drying cycle. Both the washer and dryer have a black tinted-glass door with decorative chrome elements and an exclusive stainless steel finish on the body that's only available with LG Studio models. WashTower owners will enjoy greater peace of mind with LG Proactive Customer Care. The industry-first personalized customer support tool provides customized maintenance tips, monthly usage reports, and alerts that warn of potential issues before they arise. Plus, the LG ThinQ app enables users to start or stop the laundry, check the remaining cycle time, or get notifications directly on their smartphone. Visit

Verona Appliances Unveils Innovative Designer Range Builder Tool

Verona Appliances offers an innovative new tool that allows interior designers and homeowners to customize their very own Designer Series range. The “Designer Range Builder” provides users the option to preview any combination of fuel type, knob color and base color for their own personalized appliance. With six standard base colors three knobs colors, two different fuel type, and dual fuel and induction, this new unique tool melds high performance with high style for a custom-made kitchen design. Visit

Series 11 DishDrawer

Known for pioneering the industry-first DishDrawer dishwashers, Fisher & Paykel now launches its Series 11 model of the DishDrawer later this year. Each drawer washes independently and fits a half load, so you can run one while you load the other. DishDrawer Dishwashers are as easy to open and close as kitchen drawers and can be conveniently positioned at bench height for ease of loading and minimal bending. Featuring enhanced engineering technology, a stainless steel interior, additional wash functions as well as a knock-to-pause function, the single and double Series 11 DishDrawer offer innovative solutions for cleaning. Visit

Montay Faucet from Pfister

Sleek and statuesque, this ergonomic kitchen faucet incorporates a pull-down spray head at just the right height for no-reach cleanup. All the hidden inner workings are made to last as long as its modernist exterior adorns your kitchen. It features Pforever Seal, an advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never-leak guarantee. The hig- arc spout adds clearance and reach. Select from three water settings conveniently in the palm of your hand. The rotating spout allows for greater versatility like hand washing delicates and sink cleaning, and the elegant forward handle design underscores ergonomic function and helps where space behind the faucet is limited. Visit

Washlet Bidet Seats

TOTO’s most budget-friendly Washlet bidet seats, the entry-level Washlet C2 and intermediate-level Washlet C5, have a simple, clean-line design. Among many design improvements made to these two popular bidet seats, TOTO reduced their warm water reservoir’s height by approximately 1.5-inches, giving them a streamlined appeal. TOTO also reduced the height differences and gaps in Washlet C2 and C5’s fitting to the toilet bowl. In addition, TOTO has added EWATER+ to automatically clean the wand both inside and out, before and after each use, and redesigned the wand’s housing beneath the seat, making its design simpler and easier to clean. Visit

Samsung Jet Bot 90 AI+

Created to give your house an amazing clean with minimal effort, the Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ is the industry’s first smart robotic vacuum powered by Intel AI. It uses cutting-edge object-recognition technology to navigate your home just like you do: avoiding items as large as furniture and as small as cables without missing any spaces. Utilizing a high-precision LiDAR sensor similar to those used in self-driving cars to detect distance and track location, the vacuum is capable of moving with a high degree of precision. The JetBot 90 AI+ is able to sense distances of up to almost 20 feet, rotate 360 degrees, and access hard-to-reach spaces. Visit


TandemLED, named for its unique two-wire (tandem) operation, is a patent-pending, two-wire, tunable white LED Lighting technology that adjusts LED lights from Warm White 2700K to Cool White 5000K and anywhere in between. Traditional LED Lighting products are very limited in what they can do. They only come in one color temperature (either warm white or cool white), they emit low quality light and offer no smart control features. TandemLED products allow you to personalize lighting throughout the day, set a mood, enhance lighting to perform tasks, all while maintaining high lumen output. Installation is easy using industry-standard two wires. When paired with one of the company’s WAV Smart Control receivers, the lights can be controlled through wireless remote, smartphone app or voice. Visit

Universal Infinity Drain

Infinity Drain continues to simplify barrier-free bathroom design with its new Universal Infinity Drain linear drain that is compatible with most types of waterproofing methods. The convenient universal kit features a pitched channel with a clamping collar and the choice of a tile-insert frame or squares-pattern grate. Designed to adhere to both traditional and modern waterproofing techniques, the Universal Infinity Drain’s channel allows traditional membranes like vinyl or Chloraloy to be mechanically fastened to the drain channel. Alternatively, modern installation methods that incorporate a bonded waterproofing method like liquid membrane or fabric sheet will adhere to the 1-in. channel flange. Visit

IKON Farmhouse Sink with Low Divide

The new IKON 33-in. Apron 1-3/4 Bowl with Low Divide sink from BLANCO is designed to make prepping, cooking and cleaning a more seamless and comfortable experience. The IKON is the world’s first apron front sink made of Silgranit®, BLANCO’s patented granite composite material available in eight trending colors. The new sink’s convenient low divide sits just 5-1/2 inches from the sink bottom, making it easier to handle large pots and baking sheets while still dividing the sink into cleaning and prepping bowls. Because apron-front designs are installed further forward and eliminate the countertop, they minimize the need to lean over as much and help to reduce strain. Visit

Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System

With the new Flo by Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor, you can replace the anxiety of a flooded basement with the power of 24/7 peace of mind and plumbing protection. This device uses connected, smart technology to help homeowners reduce the risk of flooding as a result of failed sump pumps by providing monitoring and alerts when potential failures or unusual conditions are detected. The proactive monitoring allows homeowners to address and mitigate the risk of water damage from anywhere at any time, so they never have to worry if their sump pump is working properly ever again. The Smart Sump Pump Monitor detects sump-pump water levels, performance, power loss, humidity, temperature, leaks, and Wi-Fi status to help ensure the pump is working efficiently and prevent against water damage, with the ability to view real-time data, analytics, and pump status in the Moen App. If an abnormality or leak is detected, homeowners are alerted through their preferred notification method – the Moen App, text, email, phone call – or through an audible alarm to help protect their home. Visit

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