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Product Preview of IBS/KBIS 2023

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This year, Design and Construction Week will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, beginning January 31, combining several major construction trade shows at a central location. Everyone from home builders and architects to retailers and reporters will descend on the city to get the latest scoop on all the new advancements that will be shaping the industry. The biggest draws will be the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and the National Hardware Show (NHS). Here’s a preview of 21 products that will make their appearance.

Supreme Freestanding Fireplace from Heat & Glo

The Heat & Glo Supreme Freestanding Indoor Gas Fireplace will allow remodelers to install a gas fireplace without needing to tear into a wall or build out a custom mantel in order to add an eye-catching centerpiece to their home. Taking a page from Nordic home designs, these clean-lined, easy-to-install gas fireplace units can be ready in one day as the design allows the unit to sit out in the open, much like a wood-burning stove. All that’s required is access to a gas line, electrical and vertical venting through the roof. With 32,700 BTUs, it’s ideal for small to medium spaces and the ceramic glass and integrated fan help move the heat faster into the room. As the firebox is elevated above the floor, a hearth pad is not needed, allowing it to be used on any floor surface. Visit C3315 or

Gold Heat

A custom manufacturer of electric radiant underfloor heat mats for luxury motorcoach manufacturing, tiny house builders, kitchen and bath remodelers, and flooring installers. Winner of the 2022 TecHome Brilliance Award for Radiant Heating, the Gold Heat mat is customized for your floor plan and ready to install. The company takes the prep labor out of the installation process by creating a floor heat mat that is prewired and pre-terminated (no need to crawl around on the floor or perform any wiring) that is ready to install out of the box. A Gold Heat mat folds out like a tablecloth and lies perfectly around the room and its fixed furniture, such as toilets and kitchen islands. It can be installed onto the subfloor in 20 minutes, then covered in thinset mortar. Gold Heat works best under natural stone, porcelain, and marble tile flooring materials. Visit booth SU607 or .

Blue Star X8 Dual Fuel Oven Range

BlueStar’s first-ever dual fuel range features a fresh take on our 8-point star shaped burners plus precision electric oven for the best of both worlds. The new X8™ burner delivers full-spectrum power, performance, and versatility from every burner on your cooktop. The X8 shines with more control, easier cleaning and the expansive 8-point heat coverage of the open burners in a modern sealed design. Designed for Designed for precise cooking and even baking, the true convection oven with 8 cooking modes features a 7” full-color touchscreen with Quick Start cooking and an oversized capacity that fits 18” x 26” baking sheets. Visit IBS Booth C2108 or

Black Label ThermoWood Ash

Tropical Forest Products announces ThermoWood Ash from its premium Black Label™ brand of thermally modified lumber has received a Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural Products magazine. Crafted using a state-of-the-art thermal modification process, Black Label ThermoWood provides superior durability and stability while maintaining a beautiful, natural look. It is also certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC 155777). Unlike traditional softwood, which may need replacement every few years, Black Label's high-quality, chemical-free ThermoWood technology is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications and is guaranteed to last for decades, thanks to Black Label's heat-treatment process. The brand’s lumber portfolio also consists of a selection of the finest Ipe, Cumaru, Jatoba, Garapa, Bulletwood, and Tigerwood, as well as thermally modified Black Label Kebony. Each board must be Premium Architectural Grade or superior to earn the Black Label title. Black Label products are ideal for applications that range from decking, cladding, and deck tiles to architectural millwork. Visit Black Label at the IBS booth SU1231.

iQ252 10” Bridge Saw

iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, will be demonstrating its pre-production version of the iQ252 10” Bridge Saw at IBS 2023. The iQ252 is a 10” dry cut bridge saw specifically designed for tile setters and contractors. Equipped with the world’s first fully integrated dust-control technology, it allows for tiles to be cut indoors or outdoors—with no water! This state-of-the-art product features a 10” blade and has the ability to produce a depth cut up to 1”. It can also handle 60” rips. The saw is distinctly designed to cut fast and clean, from 0° to 45° angles in one pass. Visit iQ Power Tools at IBS booth C7137 or

Wilsonart Interiors

Wilsonart Interiors is a curated collection of Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) designs and finishes that bring sophisticated style to the inside of cabinets, drawers and open storage spaces – making them as beautiful as they are functional. Inspired by natural woven textures, this collection adds a sense of refinement to both open and closed cabinet storage, dressing spaces from the inside-out with a new level of detail. Visit KBIS booth W3801 or

U2 Fasteners

Favorite fasteners among the HIR staff, U2 fasteners are premium wood-to-wood residential construction screws. They’re all code-compliant structural and corrosion-resistant screws that don’t strip, or snap and stick on the bit. The U2 screws are code-approved for ACQ pressure-treated lumber and structural strength. U2 offers Construction screws that replace lag screws, Universal screws that are “deck screws on steroids,” Trim screws, Cabinet screws and the Top Start fastener, which replaces shimming when hanging doors. U2 offers screws from 1/2" up to 20” in length for your largest projects. Plus, 316 stainless steel options are available in the most popular sizes. Visit IBS booth C7450 or

Panasonic Eco Systems

Utilizing patented Nanoe™ X technology, WhisperAir Repair from Panasonic provides advanced air purification and odor elimination for cleaner, healthier indoor air. Visit booth C4519 or

Simpson Dog Doors

Made with heavy-duty aluminum and saloon-style panels with industrial weather seal, Simpson’s dog doors come pre-installed in door styles 49971 and 7008, and are available in three sizes and three finishes. Visit booth C3848 or

Millboard Decking

Millboard is the only decking and siding hand-molded from natural timbers. Millboard wood-free composite decking is virtually indistinguishable from real wood, yet outperforms it on almost every level. Unlike timber boards, or even some conventional composite boards, Millboard resists the elements, requires minimal maintenance, is slip- and stain-resistant, and won't rot from fungal decay or warp. The molds for the Millboard collections are carefully selected. The Weathered Oak range is molded from over a century old oak boards. Each board is carefully hand-colored in the realistic true-to-life tonal shades that are Millboard's signature feature. Visit booth W2210 or

POMCube iCAN Netzero+

The iCAN Netzero+ from POMCube is a 20 kWh whole-home backup system that integrates all the components seamlessly. iCAN NetZero+ is an intelligent energy storage system to power your home or business, including heavy loads. It provides sufficient power in an emergency and even supports your home electricity 24/7, reducing your high electricity bills and demand charge. Lightweight modules and no wiring mean easy installation. The intelligent EMS makes it more than a battery. Visit booth W2220 or

Protective Products Scratch Protection

Scratch Protection protects tubs, whirlpools and shower stalls against damage and job site dirt and grime. Easy-to-apply, this liquid water-based coating cures to a durable, easy-to-remove "protective skin," which masks and protects nearby surfaces while work is done around them. Visit booth W4959 or

True Residential 36” Luxury Refrigerator

True Residential will be showcasing the award-winning new 36” Luxury Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer along with a slew of additional full-sized and indoor/outdoor undercounter units outfitted in some showstopping hues (and one exciting new finish to be unveiled at the show). Visit the company at KBIS or at

Perlick Mobile Tap, Nitro Coffee

Bring the party anywhere with Perlick's Mobile Tap. Perlick Mobile Tap allows you to customize your entertaining space and bring the party to any part of your home or yard while accommodating a variety of beverages to satisfy any taste. Perlick Mobile Tap, Nitro Coffee unit has two taps and a 24” refrigeration unit. Nitro coffee units includes a nitrogen infuser to pour smooth and creamy nitro infused coffee. Use the second faucet to dispense cold-brew coffee or wine. The unit includes all the equipment needed, making it easy to specify and order. Visit KBIS booth W4045 or

Riverso Sliding Drawer System

Richelieu Hardware offers the Riverso sliding system that allows drawers to open from both sides of a cabinet. The hidden hardware of this bidirectional sliding system allows drawers to open from both sides of a cabinet for easy access to drawer contents and eliminates unnecessary steps. When installed in a kitchen island or room separator, it optimizes the flow between rooms. The Riverso system is unique, allowing a single drawer to open in either direction. When one side is open, the other stays closed. The system is built on a smooth-running, synchronized extension rail with a 101.4-lb. capacity. Features include a soft-close mechanism and a pressure-activation option for one side, allowing for a handle-free drawer front. Richelieu will be exhibiting at KBIS booth W4101 or visit

Liebherr BioFresh Refrigerators

Liebherr Appliances new freestanding refrigerators showcase the latest in technology with feature such as BioFresh Professional, which offers a wide temperature range keeping food fresher, longer, through customized temperature selection, specially designed for delicate items like fish and seafood. HydroBreeze creates a cool mist each time the door is opened to coat vegetables with a layer of protection, similar to your favorite local grocery store. And, VarioTemp allows the freezer compartment to be converted to refrigeration, increasing capacity as needed and creating the ideal climate for preserving a range of items from seafood to root vegetables such as potatoes. Visit Liebherr at booth W3517 in the West Hall during KBIS 2023 or visit

Hover Doors

California-based Hover Doors that uses permanent magnets to levitate heavy sliding doors afloat at all times and are guaranteed for life. Hover Doors works in a fundamentally different way from any other product on the market. Magnetic levitation technology, previously found on Japanese train lines, to enable doors to open and close more smoothly. The technology could eliminate the need for bearings, pulleys, and other fittings typically found on sliding and bi-folding doors. Visit booth SU560 or visit .

Davinci Roofscapes Province Slate

The new Province Slate composite roofing tile from DaVinci® Roofscapes features the realistic, authentic look of natural slate. It’s constructed of a composite material made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers as well as a highly specialized fire retardant. The result is a state-of-the-art tile that gives us the greatest degree of color control and consistency in the manufacturing process and an end product that endures beautifully in any climate. Visit Central Hall booth C3819.

Rheem ProTerra Plug-in Water Heaters

The award-winning Rheem ProTerra Plug-in water heater has been called a game-changer for sustainability on a similar level to LED lightbulbs. ProTerra Plug-ins are a smart replacement for gas heaters that offer quick and easy installation with minimal clearance requirements and a standard tank footprint. The 120V ProTerra Plug-in is ideal for drop-in gas unit replacement and high-efficiency upgrades without the need to install a 240V electric service. They are available in dedicated and shared circuit models. The ProTerra Plug-ins install with minimal to no electrical work and operate with up to 5X the efficiency of a standard gas water heater. An industry-largest compressor delivers the fastest heat pump water heater recovery on the market (dedicated circuit model). On shared circuit models, a built-in EcoPort (CTA-2045 port) easily connects to utility programs for additional energy cost savings. And, with its wi-fi technology, users can completely control the water heater—from adjusting water temperature and tracking energy usage to setting Away/Vacation mode—all from a smart phone. Visit Central Hall booth C2525 or

CAMO Structural Screws

National Nail’s CAMO brand of tools and fasteners will introduce new CAMO Structural Screws at IBS for the deck structure and beyond. The new Structural Screws are certified IRC/IBC code compliant and feature CAMO’s proprietary PROTECH ULTRA 4 coating with four layers of industry-leading corrosion resistance. The 0.16-in. structural framing screw is ideal for wood-to-wood connections, deck blocking, and other interior and exterior projects. It replaces 8d, 10d, and 16d nails in interior and exterior applications. The Type 17 slash point removes material as it’s driven, reducing friction and drive time with no pre-drilling. Available in 2-1/2” and 3” lengths, the screw’s large, flat head maximizes pull-through holding power and finishes flush with the work area. Visit booth C6942 or

Genesis Cabinet Doors

When it comes to residential cabinet doors, Genesis Products combines a global supply line with domestic manufacturing to offer the industry’s largest selection of laminate films and finishes. From traditional to contemporary, Genesis offers door styles in five-piece mitered and shaker, thermofoil and contemporary slab, all in multiple profiles and laminates. Visit booth W1800 or


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