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14 More KBIS 2023 Products Previewed!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The big Kitchen and Bath show, KBIS, is coming up fast at the end of January. Here’s a few more sneak peeks at products that will soon be on display Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dometic DrawBar

Dometic DrawBar is a new home appliance that offers the functionality of a full-size wine cooler in an elegant compact design. Where dimensional constraints won’t allow for a full-size wine cooler, DrawBar brings an expert solution that offers precision cooling technology for up to five bottles. Featuring a user-friendly control panel, the appliance offers an on, off and five preset temperatures for cooling and storing white, red and sparkling wines. This smart cooling drawer is also equipped with a humidity tray that works to maintain optimal humidity levels inside the appliance. Visit or KBIS booth W3465.


With QuickDrain, from LR. Brands, there’s no need to move plumbing or adjust the shower pan for remodels. QuickDrain can adapt to almost any existing plumbing condition. QuickDrain square and linear shower installations can work with a curbed or curbless shower. The linear shower drains can be placed in any orientation in the shower, as long as it runs from wall to wall to effectively promote water drainage. L.R. brands’ new QuickOrder system saves customers time and takes the guesswork out of building a custom-feeling shower solution by supplying all parts and components kitted together for an easy installation. Visit or KBIS booth N1749.

Niagara One-Piece Phantom Toilet

Niagara’s sleek, ultra high-efficiency Phantom toilet is now available in an easy-to-clean, one-piece model. It touts Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology with a whisper quiet and powerful flush, using only 0.8 GPF. With eco-minded luxury in a lean silhouette, the narrow tank and smooth, skirted bowl add a sleek touch to a modern bathroom. With its large, extended footprint design, the Phantom makes it effortless to forget your old toilet by easily covering the existing footprint. Visit Niagara’s KBIS booth N571 or


The makers of RainStick claim the new WiFi-enabled circular shower system saves 80 percent of water and up to 80 percent energy while maintaining almost twice the flow rate compared to a traditional low-flow shower. The unit starts with fresh grid-supplied water; however, instead of going down the drain, RainStick uses proprietary recirculation technology to capture, circulate, and clean the water, all in real-time to avoid waste. Download the RainStick App on a smartphone to instantaneously see environmental insights, tracking water usage and energy savings. Visit KBIS booth N1267 or

Fulgor Milano Appliances

Manufactured in the Bassano del Grappa region of Italy, the Fulgor Milano appliance brand is focused on Italian symmetrical design and functional excellence. Fulgor Milano’s latest collection includes the new 48” Sofia Professional Induction Range, one of the only 48-in. induction models available in the North American market. As the number of states banning the addition of natural gas hookups in new builds continues to grow, the new 48” induction range provides an optimal solution. Visit KBIS booth W3727 or

Duravit Ready-to-Ship Bathroom Products

Featuring over 100 unique products – including sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower trays, and more – the Ready to Ship Program provides endless design possibilities across all market price points. From classic Duravit designer styles, such as ME by Starck by Philippe Starck or DuraStyle by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, to more recent collections such as D-Neo by Bertrand Lejoly and Duravit No. 1, this curated product catalog reflects the depth and breadth of the brand’s signature offerings. Additional products, including Duravit vanities, mirrors and other bathroom furnishings, will become available with Ready to Ship in 2023. Visit or KBIS booth N1539.

Empava 12” Drop-In Cooktop

Perfect for current and prospective “tiny home” owners. No need to sacrifice product quality because of space constraints – the Empava IDC12 allows users to cook a variety of meals with an efficient 12-inch induction cooktop. Includes nine power level settings from 100W up to a total of 1800W power-sharing. Heating level from as low as 100w to fast boiling. Accurate and easy temperature changes at the touch of a button. Boil, stew, fry, stir fry, and switch from one mode to another as needed. Visit booth W5205 or

Emtek Kitchen Hardware

Emtek’s expanded Select Collection of kitchen cabinet hardware includes Select Cabinet Knobs, Select Edge Pulls, Select Key-In Levers and Knobs. The new options are available in seven finishes that can be mixed and matched, including several limited edition finishes like Pewter, Matte White, and Rose Gold. Visit KBIS booth N2005 or

Sharp 30" Wall Oven & Microwave Drawer

This stainless-steel European Convection Built-In Double Wall Oven features modern edge-to-edge black glass with a convenient viewing window. The true European convection ensures efficient heating, and even browning, and the Touch Glass controls and large LCD display are easy to see, operate and clean. Visit or KBIS booth W5301.

Häcker Kitchens AV 6023 GL Cabinet Front

Häcker Kitchens, a leading German manufacturer of modern kitchen cabinetry, introduces the new AV 6023 GL, a visually outstanding and elaborately manufactured grooved front system available in oak, walnut and black oak. The rich textures and fluting ironed upon this new wood veneer is an elegant surface that grounds the room with natural elements visually and texturally. The handleless door fronts provide a minimal backdrop with contemporary styling. Visit or KBIS booth N239

SMEG PEANUTS Special Edition Refrigerator

With an iconic image taken from the Snoopy archives, this compact Smeg FAB10 refrigerator makes a retro statement in a kitchen, home office or bedroom. The Italian-based appliance specialist has produced only 70 of these refrigerators worldwide (one for every Peanuts comic year) each with a silver plaque that denotes its unique limited-edition number, underscoring it as a collector's item. Blending mid-century cool with modern innovation, it offers generous storage with adjustable shelves, racks and bins, plus a convenient icebox. For more information, visit KBIS booth W3328 or

Fotile EA06 Island Range Hood

The first intelligent, self-adjusting island range hood available on the market. Uniquely engineered to cover a larger cooking surface and prevent smoke from spreading throughout the home, the unit is 42 inches in width, features capture shields on both sides, and can open up to a 55-degree angle. A powerful DC motor delivers substantial and smoother extraction power that seamlessly whisks away smoke, steam, or grease, and the Auto Turbo System ensures consistent and efficient ventilation. The range hood is also equipped with an Intelligent Air Management system, which automatically detects noxious organic gases and fumes and vents them out of the home. Visit booth W5101

Caesarstone Multi-Material Portfolio

Caesarstone will add Porcelain and Natural Stone to its Quartz and Outdoor Quartz portfolio, for which the company is so well-known. The expanded portfolio of more than 100 colors offers multi-material surface solutions all in one place. Visit booth N651 or

Brizo Sensori Thermostatic Shower

For a luxury shower experience, the most customizable Brizo high-flow shower system offers tailored control for lavish comfort. Individual volume controls allow individual components to be turned on and off independently, without the need for a diverter. The valve trim sets temperature—allowing you to set the precise desired temperature and return to it for each shower. The Sensori shower compensates dynamically for changes in water pressure and temperature, to deliver a more precise temperature within ± 3.6° F (±2° C). This valve-only custom shower system does not require a diverter and can be used for a tub/shower or a shower only design, pairing each individual component or set of body sprays with a required volume control—providing limitless possibilities. Visit or booth N2039.


But Wait, There's More!

Don't forget to check out first batch of product previews from the IBS/KBIS Show and the

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