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New Kitchen and Bath Brands at KBIS

(guest post courtesy of Brittany Loeffler)

The 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and the destination for kitchen and bath design professionals, is pleased to announce that there are over 140 new brands exhibiting for the first time at KBIS 2023. Be sure to make time to visit the following booths to learn more about what these new exhibitors offer the kitchen and bath industry January 31-February 2, 2023 in Las Vegas.


Elevate your culinary experience with ABBA APPLIANCES. Founded in 1956, ABBA APPLIANCES is a recognized Colombian producer of outstanding household appliances. Being in constant evolution allows ABBA to fulfill any necessity. Products include tempered gas-on-glass cooktops, stainless steel gas cooktops, portable stoves, ranges, and indoor grills. ABBA tempered glass gas cooktop is an exclusive piece manufactured with high-end materials, designed to deliver a high cooking performance and versatility to any kitchen space. This exceptional piece is going to increase your kitchen quality in every technical aspect featuring effortless cleaning, durability, and multiple heating options with a tempered glass top.

Astra Cucine Srl - Booth W5131

Italian manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry since 1976, ASTRA is offering quality, innovation and creative design, rigorously 'Made in Italy.' Their Italian-style kitchen designs are made with imperial standards. Special focus on project orders for the US market, customized according to the designer's wishes. Astra’s portfolio includes hundreds of projects delivered in the US from rental high-rises to luxury condos. ASTRA cabinetries are available assembled or ready to assemble.

Bleu Provence – Booth W3582

Bleu Provence is a well-known European retro-style sanitaryware specialist and their products have become, over the years, the symbol of classicism that appeals to many and is never out of style. Quality of materials, fine style, and precision in manufacturing are all elements ensuring a perfect finish and maximum user satisfaction. A mixture of classic and modern, their products revive in everyone's memory the beautiful old houses of the past!

Borealux – Booth W3183 Borealux is a lighting products manufacturer, specializing in LED technology. Established in 2008, Borealux has become an important player in the LED lighting market, distinguishing themselves as professionals with quality products. Borealux trademark is inspired by the magic of auroras borealis (northern lights), a remarkable North American phenomenon, and the lux.

BURNOUT. Kitchen – Booth N363

An outdoor kitchen that you don't have to cover, put in, or put under, and is there for you 365 days a year, at least. A kitchen that shows the passion with which we developed it. Where you can feel that it is the sum of many years of experience. Those who designed and built this kitchen are working on it themselves. Very, very often. In any weather. Made in Germany.

Coohom - Booth W3383

Coohom is an industry-leading 3D visualization and augmented reality solution platform that allows companies and designers to easily create 3D floor plans in minutes, and exquisitely render design projects in seconds up to 16K resolution. Coohom provides dedicated 3D kitchen and bath design features to turn complexity into simplicity and accelerate business growth at scale for manufacturers and resellers.

Flowban - Booth W5061 Flowban stops tub floods. It shuts off the water to the faucets, so bathtub overflows are a thing of the past. It can also be used on certain types of lavs and sinks to stop them from overflowing. Even when a tub doesn’t overflow, the water flowing down the drain is wasted, as is the energy that has been used to heat it. Flowban saves water and saves energy. Flowban is an insurance policy against tub flood damage. Flowban can stop the flooding before it even starts. It uses no electrical sensors or a “memory” of normal flow and usage. It is a purely mechanical system that reacts when the water reaches a certain level in the tub. It resets itself automatically as soon as the faucets are turned off.

Kew Labs – Booth W3165

Kew Labs is a wireless charging design and manufacturing brand. Kew Labs UTS-1 invisible wireless chargers turn any surface in your home into an invisible wireless charging station. Perfect for kitchen countertops, bedside tables, and workstations.

Lisa Jarvis Decorative Hardware - Booth N1374

Lisa Jarvis designed her first piece of decorative hardware in 2012 when she found most choices in the category uninteresting and uninspired. Lisa launched her line, Jewelry for Furniture™, with her Barre Pull and Lily: two unique styles echoing Deco and Mid-Century styles. Today, the Lisa Jarvis collection, Jewelry for Furniture™ includes over 120, hand cast, solid brass designs which are distributed in top-tier kitchen, bath, and design stores nationwide. Lisa’s designs are also sold to a long list of architects and designers who choose her hardware for its creativity and impact.

Mattersmith – Booth W5627

Mattersmith seamlessly connects designers and manufacturers so they can work together faster, easier, and more profitably. Designers can configure cabinets in 3D, get instant quotes, and place orders online and in SketchUp.

Sepura Home Ltd. - Booth W5643

Sepura is an eco-friendly food waste separator that is the only alternative to the increasingly banned garbage disposal. The product installs under your sink with the same connections as a garbage disposal. The user puts their food scraps down the drain and then Sepura separates the solids from liquids with the push of a button. Liquids go down your pipes like usual, but all solids are collected in a sealed, odorless container.

The Dryer Drawer – W5623

The Dryer Drawer is a quick and heat-free solution to drying your hand-washed dishes. The Dryer Drawer allows you to dry your hand-washed dishes more quickly and with less clutter than countertop air drying and without the effort and germ-spreading rags of hand drying. A small, quiet fan pulls air into The Dryer Drawer. The air circulates in and around the dishes. The Dryer Drawer takes advantage of convection to hasten drying time, no heating element is needed. The humidified air is forced out the opposite side of The Dryer Drawer and exhausted back into your kitchen.

TULIP Cooking – Booth N1766

TULIP Cooking is the only company offering totally modular induction and gas systems. Our cooktops can be installed in any configuration in virtually any material. Tulip is the only company that offers 100% customization. Our modular cooktops use the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our gas burners use electronic controls which provide greater flame control and 20% improved fuel efficiency. Come see the future.

Walls Décor - Booth W4160

Signature wall coverings. Quality craftsmanship. Indoor and outdoor. Walls Décor brings the finest materials and functional solutions to your living spaces. Their concepts are spoken through forms and refined aesthetic solutions. It starts with the careful selection of modern materials and colors to realize modular, flexible, and personalized solutions. Each of their materials is the result of this approach, combined with a deep respect for the environment.

Vista D’oro by Şahinoğlu - Booth N1775

With its wide range of products, Vista D’oro is a leading brand in the industry sector. Vista D’oro is a manufacturer of door handles, furniture handles, and bathroom and kitchen accessories by means of Luxury. The classical and modern designs are created from brass material only. Our motto quality of experience” serves in many ways such as a minimum 5-year of guarantee, durability against rusting and darkness, having quality insurance certificates, more than 15 color options, and more!

But wait! There are EVEN MORE product previews from KBIS!...Check 'em out:


About the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is the not-for-profit trade association that owns the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the largest kitchen and bath show in North America. With nearly 50,000 members in all segments of the kitchen and bath design and remodeling industry, the NKBA has educated and advised the industry since it was founded in 1963. The NKBA’s mission is to inspire and support the kitchen and bath industry through community, events, learning and professional certifications. For more information, visit or call 1-800-THE-NKBA (843-6522).

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